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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2016-2017[edit]

Engineering Society Positions[edit]


Project Directors[edit]

Board of Directors[edit]

Speaker Eric Bryce
Chemical Engineering Representative Jason Tang
Civil Engineering Representative Sneha Adhikari
Computer Engineering Representative Billy Graydon
Electrical Engineering Representative Danja Papajani
Engineering Science Representative Apurv Bharadwaj
Industrial Engineering Representative Aron Sankar
Materials Science Engineering Representative Mahta Massoud
Mechanical Engineering Representative Mark Chaboryk
Mineral Engineering Representative Olivia Mogielnicki
At-Large Representative Kevin Rupasinghe
At-Large Representative Oghosa Igbinakenzua
At-Large Representative Ryan Williams
At-Large Representative Twesh Upadhyaya
First Year Representative Muskan Sethi
First Year Representative Kevin Zhang
First Year Representative Danil Ojha
UTSU Representative Ryan Gomes

*Resigned ** Recalled from the Board of Directors

Discipline Club Chairs[edit]

Class Representatives[edit]

Chemical Engineering 2T0 Mohammad Rahim Reza
1T9 Vacant
1T8 Jeff Dryden/Savannah Sarosiak
1T7/1T6+PEY Vacant
Civil Engineering 2T0 Chrisitian Pavlidis
1T9 Yaser Habib
1T8 Zhexiang Wang
1T7/1T6+PEY Vacant
Computer Engineering 2T0 Noah Poplove
1T9 Henry Xu
1T8 James Jin
1T7/1T6+PEY Billy Graydon
Electrical Engineering 2T0 Josh Hartmann
1T9 Vacant
1T8 Fay Huang
1T7/1T6+PEY Olga Bondarev
Engineering Science 2T0 Joanna Zhang/Matthew Zhang
1T9 Charlie Yang
1T8 Jane Seo
1T7/1T6+PEY Vacant
Industrial Engineering 2T0 Linda Ren/Hanin Afzal
1T9 Lauren Ip
1T8 Jade Khiev
1T7/1T6+PEY Vacant
Materials Science & Engineering 2T0 Calvin Yu Huynh
1T9 Vacant
1T8 Daniel Brlas
1T7/1T6+PEY Bryan James
Mechanical Engineering 2T0 Hannah Eng
1T9 Marie Floryan
1T8 Katherine Pryzlak
1T7/1T6+PEY Dawn Virginillo
Mineral Engineering 2T0 Sam McCuloch
1T9 Stefano Girardo
1T8 Vacant
1T7/1T6+PEY Sarah Heffernan
TrackOne 2T0 Jane Illarionova
First Year Chair 2T0 Chris Dryden
Fourth Year Chair 1T7/1T6+PEY Aidan Solala

Skule™ Spirit[edit]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit]

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Andrew Sweeny
  • UTSU Director - Addy Bhatia
  • UTSU Director - Danja Papajani

Conferences Hosted[edit]