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Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown share the first dance at Cannonball 0T9

Cannonball is one of the annual semi-formals held by the Engineering Society. It is traditionally held during the winter term at the conclusion of Godiva Week. It is a celebration of Skule™ spirit, and is named after the mascot of Skule, the mighty Skule™ Cannon.

The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad and the Skule Cannon both make appearances at Cannonball. The LGMB, in particular, uses Cannonball to celebrate the selection of its new Baby Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Miner.

In addition, Mr. Blue & Gold and Godiva's Crown, whom are both selected during Godiva Week, share the ceremonial first dance at Cannonball to celebrate their new titles.

History[edit | edit source]

"It was at [the] Ajax [campus], where social affairs were such a centrepiece, that students held the first Engineers' Ball, an event that, renamed the Cannon Ball in 1955, turned into an enduring annual tradition."

Cannonball (back then "Cannon Ball") used to be referred to as the "Ball of the Fall", since it was held during the fall term, generally at Hart House. It had existed for some time in addition to the Skule/School At-Home, which was historically the primary dinner dance for the school year, held during the winter term (oftentimes at the Royal York Hotel). By the mid-1970s, however, the At-Home disappeared and Cannonball was moved to the winter term, becoming *the* focal dinner dance of the school year.

Past Cannonball Venues[edit | edit source]

Prior to 2004, Cannonball was run by the Social Chair.

Year Chair Venue
2023 Mary Bellissimo Indy 2T4+PEY Arcadian Court
2022 Liza Zoubakina NΨ 2T2+PEY The Guild Inn Estate
2021 Leah McLeod-Demers Mech 2T1+PEY Discord (online)
2020 N/A N/A The Guild Inn Estate
2019 Jon Norman MSE 1T9+PEY The Guild Inn Estate
2018 Katherine Rich ECE 1T9+PEY Arcadian Court
2017 Selin Maden Indy 1T8+PEY Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue
2016 Carole Suarez Mech 1T8 Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue
2015 Judy Hanwen Shen NΨ 1T6 Sheraton Centre Toronto
2014 Aneeqa Haider Civ 1T4+PEY Fairmont Royal York Hotel
2013 Amy Hu Chem 1T4 Palais Royale Ballroom
2012 Nicole D'Mello Civ 1T4 Atlantis Pavilions
2011 Sandra Sousa Elec 1T3 Atlantis Pavilions
2010 Bernadette Ho Min 1T1+PEY The Arcadian Court
2009 Samantha Yang Indy 1T0+PEY Intercontinental Toronto Centre
2008 Cyrene Wu Civ 1T0+PEY Toronto Board of Trade
2007 Ali Istchenko Mech 0T7+PEY The Arcadian Court
2006 Jennifer Lee Civ 0T7+PEY Beverly Halls SPK
2005 ? ? Berkeley Church
2004 Nuala Trainor Chem 0T5 89 Chestnut
2003 Chris Runciman NΨ 0T4 Delta Chelsea
2002 Matt Staikos ? Delta Chelsea
2001 Kirsten Koehl ? Delta Chelsea
2000 Jennifer Hartnel ? ?
1999 Anna Edwards ? ?
1998 Heather White & Christen Taylor Geo 9T9 & Mech 9T9 ?
1997 Stephen Rouatt & Jeremy Wohleber Civ 9T9 & Civ 9T9 Colony Hotel
1996 Anthony Boulos Indy 9T6 Colony Hotel
1995 Michael R. Cianchetti ? Sutton Place
1994 Ivana Strgacic Chem 9T4 ?
1993 Andrew Hodge ? ?
1992 David Vendramini ? Northern Lights Ballroom (Skydome)
1991 Paul Whitworth ? Trillium Restaurant
1990 Sara Ronchi Chem 9T1 ?
1989 Steffan Waite ? ?
1988 Grant McCracken ? Old Mill Inn
1987 Allen Bray ? Old Mill Inn
1986 Daniela Duriavig Chem 8T7 Royal York Hotel
1985 Kim Harkness Chem 8T7 Harbour Castle
1984 Kevin Foody ? ?
1983 Alan Christie ? ?
1982 Wayne Levin ? ?
1981 ? ? Hart House Great Hall
1980 Elaine Campbell ? Hart House Great Hall
1979 ? ? Hart House Great Hall