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The Cannon is the official newspaper of the University of Toronto Engineering Society. Established in 1978, it serves the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, with a circulation of up to 4000 across the University of Toronto campus. It is one of two newspapers funded by the Engineering Society, and is the more serious of the two (the other being the Toike Oike).


(still a work-in-progress)


The Engineering Society identified the need to expose the Faculty's professional and technical achievements to the engineering community. They resolved to introduce a more serious newspaper to contrast the more humorous newspaper, the Toike Oike.

1978: First Issue[edit]

The first issue of The Cannon is published in September. The newspaper was published every week that the Toike Oike was not.


The publication schedule became monthly, as weekly publications were too demanding for staff.


The Cannon was mailed to every student engineering society in Canada, to Ontario high schools, and to several alumni. Regular content included Society news and technical articles.


1T1-1T2 and 1T2-1T3 were noted as bad years for The Cannon newspaper, where publications were intermittent or lacking.

Yerusha Nuh, VP Communications 1T2-1T3, writes about the trouble in the January 2013 printed issue, with the announcement of establishing an online Cannon as its front page. Troubles mentioned included lack of commitment from staff members to dedicate to a regular publishing schedule, possible dying readership of printed issues as changing times called more for easier online access and social media integration, and the disappearance of 1T2-1T3 Editor-in-Chief (EIC) Vijay Unnithan from his responsibilities.


The Cannon (led by Co-Editors Ashkan Parcham-Kashani and Luke Household) ran their website for a full school year as the online source of news around Skule, but also published 3 printed issues for distribution (F!rosh/September, January, and Post-EngSoc Elections/April)

Contributions and Research by Stephanie Fata, Ashkan Parcham-Kashani; compiled by Catherine Tran

Past Editors[edit]

Year Editor
2016-2017 Lu Chen Indy 1T8
2015-2016 Edgar Wang ECE 1T7
2014-2015 Sarita Chiu Chem 1T4+PEY
2013-2014 Ashkan Parcham-Kashani NΨ 1T4+PEY
2012-2013 Vijay Unnithan**/Luke Household ?
2011-2012 Betari Prakoso ?
2010-2011 Nicole Deen ?
2009-2010 Huda Idrees ?
2008-2009 Alanna Yontef ?
2007-2008 Kirill Zubovsky ?
2006-2007 Asha Hagiwara ?
2005-2006 Jeff Harris ?
2004-2005 ? ?
2003-2004 ? ?
2002-2003 ? ?
2000-2001 ? ?
1999-2000 ? ?

**Recalled from the Board of Directors