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The Skule Kup logo
A Skule Kup event

Skule™ Kup (often referred to in conversation as "SKup") is a committee based on the principles of providing fun competition between students from the nine different disciplines (and Track One). Since its inception in 2011, Skule Kup has been committed to organizing various events to help engineering students take a break from their everyday lives. Through friendly competition, the committee aims to create a dynamic social environment where students get to meet others from their own discipline and from competing disciplines alike. Thus far, Skule Kup has organized unconventional and unique events to attract students with differing interests and personalities, and also, to have students experience something new.

Some events held in the past: Ninja, Picture This, Penny Wars, Kup Kaos, Capture the Flag, Skoosball, Amazing Race,

Past Directors and Winners[edit | edit source]

Year Director Winner
2023-2024 Isabella Gallichio MSE 2T4 + PEY  
2022-2023 Ana Vukojevic Mech 2T3 + PEY  Mech
2021-2022 Bobby Graydon Mech 2T1 + 2  EngSci
2020-2021 Karman Lochab ECE ?T? Civ
2019-2020 Harrison Chan Mech 2T2 T1 Chem*
2018-2019 John Peri Mech 2T1 Chem
2017-2018 Chloe Oriotis Mech 2T0 Mech
2016-2017 Nikola Andrejevic ECE 1T8 ECE
2015-2016 Jonathan Swyers ECE 1T7 + PEY Chem
2014-2015 Caiden (Beaver) Chih Mech 1T6 TrackOne
2013-2014 Nicholas Chin ECE 1T6  
2012-2013 Raymond Luu Mech 1T4 EngSci
2011-2012 Ishan Gupta Chem 1T4 EngSci

*Year was cut short early due to school closures resulting from COVID-19, and Chem was declared the winner with the most points by the time of closure.