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The Orientation Chair is responsible for the organization and execution of F!rosh Week. Since the event is so large and involves an operating budget of over $100,000, the Orientation Chair is often assisted by six vice-chairs. Each Vice-Chair manages one of six portfolios: Finance, Logistics, Community (previously Internal), Operations, Marketing, and Leadership. Each Vice-Chair oversees a group of subcommittee chairs & volunteers except for Vice-Chair Leadership, who oversees the Head Leedurs and the leedurs in addition to their subcommittees. The Orientation Chair is elected at the January Special Board of Directors Meeting so planning for Orientation can start earlier. For more information on Orientation itself, please see the F!rosh Week page.

Past Structure[edit | edit source]

The Orientation Chair was often assisted by a co-chair and three vice chairs until 2011. Each vice chair often oversaw one of three areas: Finance, Spirit, and Logistics .

Past Orientation Chair[edit | edit source]

Year Name
2024 Lily VanderWoude Mech 2T5+PEY
Vedant Gupta NΨ Aero 2T5+PEY
2023 Joanna Roy NΨ ECE 2T3+PEY
2022 Kerryn Van Rooyen NΨ EngPhys 2T2+PEY
2021 Aidan Grenville NΨ Aero 2T2+PEY
2020 Gabe Sher ECE 2T1
2019 Ben Mucsi NΨ EnergySys 1T9+PEY
2018 Andrew Kidd NΨ 1T8+PEY
2017 Carol Yeung Indy 1T8T1+PEY
2016 Dareen Kutob Indy 1T7T1+PEY
2015 Milan Maljković Elec 1T6+PEY
2014 Amanda Aleong NΨ 1T4+PEY
2013 Vivek Kesarwani NΨ 1T3+PEY
2012 Maegan Chang ECE 1T3T1+PEY
2011 Abhishek Mathur Mech 1T2+PEY
Michelle Chen (co-chair) Mech 1T2T1
2010 Owyn Notario Civ 1T1+PEY
Andy Chun (co-chair) Mech 1T1+PEY
2009 Ines Lucia Fernandez Valdivieso Indy 0T9+PEY
Laura Bradbury (co-chair) NΨ 0T9+PEY
2008 Brandon McLean Mech 0T9+PEY
2007 Norman Goh NΨ 0T7+PEY
2006 Stephanie Whitehurst Indy 0T7
2005 Luke Wesley Mech 0T5

<brclass="mw_emptyline_first" /><brclass="mw_emptyline" />The title of Orientation Director was changed to "Orientation Chair" at the November 2018 Board of Director's Meeting.