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The F!rosh Handbook is published each summer by the Engineering Society and distributed free of charge to all incoming first-year students. Originally called just the "Handbook", it typically contains an overview of F!rosh Week, a summary of the Society's history, traditions and operations, and information on academics and student life at the University of Toronto. The Editor of the Handbook is a Project Director of the Engineering Society and is by convention a student who has just completed their first year.

The F!rosh Handbook Editor is also responsible for creating the following year's Skule™ Planner, a planning agenda (and not a formal Skule™ publication) provided by the Engineering Society made freely available to all engineering students.

Past Editors and Handbooks[edit | edit source]

Year Editor Theme F|rosh Class Download
2023 Carrie Ann NΨ 2T6 Farm 2T7 View
2022 Carl Joseph Ancheta NΨ 2T5 Dinosaurs 2T6 View
2021 Katriel Ung Indy 2T4 Underwater 2T5 View
2020 Meghna Ravikumar ECE 2T3+1 Space 2T4 View
2019 Parker Johnston ECE 2T2T1 Swords and Sorcery 2T3 View
2018 Mackenzie Seward EngSci 2T1 Spies 2T2 View
2017 MacKenzie Campbell EngSci 2T0 Star Wars 2T1 View
2016 Leigh McNeil-Taboika CHEM 1T9 Superheroes 2T0 Download
2015 Namya Syal CHEM 1T8 Harry Potter 1T9 Download
2014 Melissa Campoli ECE 1T7T1 LEGO 1T8 Download
2013 Rejuana Alam Indy 1T6 Pixar 1T7 Download
2012 Fionna Gan NΨ 1T5 Super Smash Bros. 1T6 Download
2011 Chunkei Tang Chem 1T4 Star Wars 1T5 Download
2010 Maegan Chang Elec 1T3+PEY Pokémon 1T4 Download
2009 Hubert Ka Elec 1T2+PEY Superheroes 1T3 Download
2008 Becky Gan Indy 1T1+PEY Magic School Bus 1T2 Download
2007 Jimmy Lu Civ 1T0 Nintendo 1T1 Download
2006 Ariel Feldman Mech 0T9+PEY 007 1T0 Download
2005 Sarah Ranco York 1T? Dick and Jane 0T9 Download
2004 Christopher Doan ELEC 0T7 + PEY Comic Book 0T8 Download
2003 Alice Xu ??? The Matrix 0T7 Download
1996 Jennifer Staples Chem 9T5 No theme   Download
1995 Selda Sharifi-Rad ??? No theme   Download
1987-1988 Wayne McPhee ??? No theme   Download
1983-1984 Mary Svazic Chem 8T5 No theme   Download
1979-1980 Peter Noble Chem 8T9 No theme   Download
1978-1979 Douglas Chmara ??? No theme   Download
1974-1975 Richairde H. Pearse ??? No theme   Download
1971-1972 Bob Mitchell ??? No theme   Download
1970 Brian Leathem ??? No theme   Download