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Mr. Blue & Gold trophy hardhat

Mr. Blue & Gold is the bearer of the Skule™ colours (Blue & Gold) at the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. They are selected during a Godiva Week competition in which they must perform a creative act for a panel of judges and the reigning Mr. Blue & Gold. The holder of the title of Mr. Blue & Gold must drop their pants on command for any Skuleigain who asks. Mr. Blue & Gold has one of the most unique hardhats in Skule™, with a trademarked half-blue and half-gold shell laced together down the middle, with a large Skule™ patch on the front. They have a uniform of large shorts with one blue and one gold leg, as well as a cape, which is worn on special occasions.

History[edit | edit source]

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Competition[edit | edit source]

The Mr. Blue & Gold Competition has traditionally been held on Wednesday evening of Godiva Week. Historically, the competition used to consist of two main parts. First, in a humourous gesture, each Mr. Blue & Gold contestant is asked to put on a set of feminine garments and to pose in front of the judges seductively, which is no longer done.

The main part of the competition involves a creative act which may include a skit, song, or dance. There are no requirements to the act, so long as the candidate ends up in only their underwear at the end of their act. Some popular acts have used fire, water, or other props to humour the judges.

Judging[edit | edit source]

The judging panel usually consists of seven judges - six engineering students (which must include exactly one F!rosh) and the reigning Mr. Blue & Gold (who is the head judge). The judges are generally chosen by the organizers of the event and are decided by their (humourous) responses to a series of questions. The judging panel used to be comprised of six female engineering students, who were chosen by Mr. Blue and Gold.

Following each act, the judges generally write their comments on a whiteboard to be read out by the MC of the night. These comments are humorous in nature and are not meant to factor into the official judging of the act. The judges also have opportunities to ask questions to the contestants after their act.

The judges, although they are chosen impartially, have been known to enjoy tasty treats and refreshing BEvERages to aid in their selection of the winning contestant. Many contestants choose to make their 'bribery' in a public fashion during their act, with judges favourably receiving creative and personalized gifts.

The judges congregate in a secret location following the last act and vote for the next Mr. Blue & Gold. Following the decision, the reigning Mr. Blue & Gold announces awards for each of the contestants and declares the winner of the title. The new Mr. Blue & Gold is then presented with the Blue & Gold hardhat as well as the ceremonial Mr. Blue & Gold boxers. Past Mr. Blue and Golds will then surround the newcomer to hide them from the crowd as they change in to the ceremonial boxers on stage.

Past Mr. Blue & Golds[edit | edit source]

Year Winner
2024 David Major NΨ 2T5
2023 Ryan Alizadeh NΨ 2T4
2022 Jeremy Mainella Mech 2T3 + PEY
2021 Kushagra Goel ECE 2T3
2020 Aseer Chowdhury ECE 2T2 T1
2019 Jacob Foster Chem 2T0
2018 Jake Sinopoli Mech 2T0 + PEY
2017 Daniel Yong Indy 1T9 + PEY
2016 David Boroto NΨ 1T8 + PEY
2015 Joshua Calafato NΨ 1T7 + PEY
2014 Kirk Regan Civ 1T6
2013 David Belvedere NΨ 1T5
2012 Alessandro Zavatti Civ 1T2 + PEY
2011 Luis Ramirez Comp 1T2 + PEY
2010 Peter Raimondo Civ 1T1+PEY
2009 Jimmy Lu Civ 1T0
2008 David Clease Mech 1T0+PEY
2007 Tomas Ronis MSE 0T8 + PEY
2006 Jeannot Ouellette Min 0T8 + PEY
2005 Mark Belvedere ECE 0T7
2004 Sam Orr Chem
2003 Todd Reichert
2002 Donovan Politt Min
2001 Christiaan Vandergrift Mech 0T2 + PEY
2000 Dan Siegal
1999 Sean Voskamp Mech
1998 Joe McNamara Mech
1997 Trevor Mills
1996 Tony Roberto ?
1995 ? ?
1994 ? ?
1993 ? ?
1992 ? ?
1991 ? ?
1990 Alex Chapman Civ

Songs[edit | edit source]

As if singing during F!rosh Week wasn't enough, John and Henry (Blue & Gold Chairs 0T6 - 0T7) came up with another two songs (and this time they used Jordan Silverman as their backup), which they then sang for the Mr. Blue & Gold audience (2007) while the judges were off deliberating... this is the first of the two (sung to the tune of 'Just The Two Of Us'):

We saw the singing and the dance
And obsession with the pants
But now the magical night is done
The judges, they go to decide
In which contestant theu confide
One of these guys, will have won

Mr. Blue & Gold!
They will drop their pants on cue!
Mr. Blue & Gold, Mr. Blue & Gold
Mr. Blue & Gold
Which will it be? Tell me who!
Mr. Blue & Gold, maybe you!

We see that Owen's hat was big
And he still smells like a pig
But of his act, we were fond
The cards, they flew through the air
What a wizard, with that flair
But he wouldn't show Jess his wand

Ted tried hard but came up short
Although he is a pretty good sport
If he wants to win, he must go big
And since it seems that he likes Grease
Maybe next year then at least
He will run as the Greased Pig

Frosted flakes are really great
And everybody here got laid
To his act, we say "hurrah"
Aramark brought the tiger in,
We bet he drank a lot of gin,
Why was he wearing a bra?

Saving damsels in distress,
Batman manages to undress
For superheroes that is the norm
The old show was really lame
And Mark's act was much the same
But he beat calculus with porn

We have three steps here for Dave,
Maybe his act, they could save
One find some original shit
Two please don't look like hell,
Three don't steal from SNL,
And that's the way you do it!

The rugby team was pretty cool,
And they play real hard for Skule
But hit the showers, you guys reek
It's the same act every year
Maybe show a little effort here?
At least you guys know the days of the week

We're pleased to see a F!rosh try out
Everyone give him a shout
Although he is sure to lose
But how will he cope with his rage?
Since he is not yet of age
To drown his sorrows in booze.

We thought the wannabes were good
But maybe Thomas' act should
Include some small amount of skill
We know he tried, tried real hard
But he is a tun of lard
If we don't tell him, who will?

And now as we come to a close,
Who should win? Nobody knows
Although our song keeps going on
But if you want next year to rule
And to bring glory to Skule,
Mr. Blue & Gold should be Henry and John!

Written by Mike Hawkins, Archivist 0T6-0T7
Lyrics by John McLeod and Henry Cheung, Blue & Gold Chairs 0T6-0T7