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The MSE Club logo

The Materials Science and Engineering Club (MSE Club) at the University of Toronto represents the approximately 200 MSE undergraduate students in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. The Club is headed by the student council, which organize and hold various, and awesome, events for MSE students throughout the year.

In addition to being a great discipline regularly, this year marks the CENTENNIAL of the MSE Department! To celebrate this mile marker, MSE Club has made limited edition “100 year” t-shirts and will be holding bigger and better events.

The Club also owns 60 half-lockers in the basement of Wallberg. They are sold throughout the year and can be kept until the following September.

So come hang out with the MSE Club, we know what we’re made of!

Ye Grande Olde Chariot Races 1T2: Although MSE may be one of the smaller disciplines in the faculty, they certainly do not lack in spirit. Here they are posing after putting their newly built chariot to the test


The MSE Club works to make the student experience more bearable during the hectic Skule™ year. We organize events such as:

  • Smokers (September 14, 12-2pm in WB143)
  • Poker and Games Nights
  • Remembrance Day Poppy Give-Away (Nov. 11)
  • Charity Bake Sales
  • Two Student’s Town Hall
  • Secret Santa and Brunch
  • An annual Dinner Dance (Bucky Ball; TBD)
  • Valentine’s Day Candy Grams
  • Interdisciplinary Ski Trip (Reading Week)
  • Iron Ring Celebration
  • Annual Ping Pong (TAU) Tournament
  • Talent Shows/ Open Mic Nights
  • Fantasy Sports Leagues
  • Movie Nights

and many more!

Check the calendar on to plan your visit to an MSE Club event!

The MSE Club executive team

Executive Team[edit]

The MSE Club Executive Team for the 1T7-1T8 Skule™ year consists of:

Chair Stephen Manion (1T7+PEY)
Vice-Chair Brittny Eileen Carter (1T9)
Communications Director Joshua Ilse (1T9)
Financial Director Joseph Choy (1T9)
Sports Director Diana Vucevic (1T9)
Social Director Paraneetha Parameswaran (1T9)
Events Director Ruiping Yang (1T9)
Technical Director Henry Lu (1T7+PEY)
Academic Director Jeffrey Wang (1T9)
MSE Common Room, Wallberg Building Room 143


Common Room: Wallberg Building Room 143
Email Address: