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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2014-2015[edit | edit source]

Engineering Society Positions[edit source]

Officers[edit source]

Project Directors[edit source]

Board of Directors[edit source]

Speaker Tabish Gilani
Chemical Engineering Representative Ishan Gupta
Civil Engineering Representative Ernesto Diaz Lozano Patino
Computer Engineering Representative Shubham Manchanda
Electrical Engineering Representative Anamjit Singh Sivia**
Engineering Science Representative Ashkan Parcham-Kashani**
Industrial Engineering Representative Benjamin Leung
Materials Science Engineering Representative Vinson Truong
Mechanical Engineering Representative Tabish Gilani*/Faizan Akbani
Mineral Engineering Representative Ivan Zdrakovic**
At-Large Representative Marissa Zhang
At-Large Representative Peter Luo
At-Large Representative Praneet Bagga
At-Large Representative Yerusha Nuh
First Year Representative Stephen Xu
First Year Representative Francis Kang
First Year Representative Saarthak Saxena

*Resigned ** Recalled from the Board of Directors

Discipline Club Chairs[edit source]

Class Representatives[edit source]

Chemical Engineering 1T8 Ronnie Yakubov
1T7 Johnny McGroarty
1T6 Madhushan Perera
1T5 Patrick Polvorosa
Civil Engineering 1T8 Felice Lam
1T7 Bowen Wu
1T6 Elaine Hu
1T5 Nicole D'Mello
Computer Engineering 1T8 Eric Elmoznino
1T7 Melissa Campoli
1T6 Kevin Rupasinghe*/Brandon Noberto
1T5 vacant
Electrical Engineering 1T8 Amrit Prasad
1T7 Deep Prasad
1T6 Kevin Rupasinghe
1T5 vacant
Engineering Science 1T8 Imad Abdulkadir
1T7 Balthazar Crane
1T6 Isabella Huang
1T5 Neell Go Young
Industrial Engineering 1T8 Victor Denisov
1T7 Krysten Szatan
1T6 Vibhor Sachdeva
1T5 vacant
Materials Science & Engineering 1T8 Samantha Stuart
1T7 vacant
1T6 Parisa Najafi
1T5 Roberto Aurilio
Mechanical Engineering 1T8 Nikola Kostic
1T7 Ozan Coskun
1T6 Syid Khan
1T5 Terrence Lau
Mineral Engineering 1T8 Olivia Mogielnicki
1T7 vacant
1T6 Colin Playle
1T5 Channa Kumarage
TrackOne 1T8 Erwin Lam
First Year Chair 1T8 Carlos Fiel
Fourth Year Chair 1T5 Yerusha Nuh

Skule™ Spirit[edit source]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit source]

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Kunsu (Kevin) Chen
  • UTSU Director - Ryan Gomes
  • UTSU Director - Paolo Piguing

Conferences Hosted[edit | edit source]