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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2011-2012[edit | edit source]

Establishment of the Board of Directors[edit | edit source]

The Engineering Society Board of Directors met for the first time on April 11, 2011. F!rosh Week 1T1 profited for the first time. Policy on Hard hats changed to a simpler model, where representatives received orange hard hats, and project directors received green hard hats. VP Academic resigned in the Fall semester. With the intent to better promote what the Engineering Society and its various council position does, elections.skule.ca was created.

Engineering Society Positions[edit]


Project Directors[edit]


Board of Directors[edit]

Speaker Rishi Maharaj
Chemical Engineering Representative Nicole Tavares
Civil Engineering Representative Mauricio Curbelo
Computer Engineering Representative Shane Blackie
Electrical Engineering Representative Misha Stecyk
Engineering Science Representative Ryan Bradley
Industrial Engineering Representative Wayne Lin
Materials Science Engineering Representative Gabriel Stavros
Mechanical Engineering Representative Abhishek Mathur
Mineral Engineering Representative Sebastien Balda
At-Large Representative Amanda Bell
At-Large Representative Rafal Dittwald
At-Large Representative Huda Idrees
At-Large Representative Teresa Nguyen
First Year Representative Shane Hu
First Year Representative Michael Taguiam
First Year Representative Jenny Yao

Discipline Club Chairs[edit]

Class Representatives[edit]

Chemical Engineering 1T5 Laura Burget
1T4 Ishan Gupta
1T3 Neha Mithia
1T2 Meraj Shah
Civil Engineering 1T5 Nicholas (Nico) Valenton
1T4 Matthew Latavo
1T3 Evan Ma
1T2 vacant
Computer Engineering 1T5 Zhe Shi
1T4 Yerusha Nuh
1T3 Sachin Siby
1T2 vacant
Electrical Engineering 1T5 Julian Romagnino
1T4 Victor Zhang
1T3 Allan Wang
1T2 vacant
Engineering Science 1T5 Brandon Li / Brian To
1T4 Neell Young
1T3 Stuti Rng
1T2 Wilson Poon
Industrial Engineering 1T5 Judy Zhu
1T4 Marwan Dajani
1T3 Nitla Cooke
1T2 Anna Sheu
Materials Science & Engineering 1T5 Michael Sabatini
1T4 Pratik Engineer
1T3 Shruti Srinivasan
1T2 Erin McNeill
Mechanical Engineering 1T5 Steve Lu
1T4 Raymond Luu
1T3 Trevor Burton
1T2 vacant
Mineral Engineering 1T5 Anthony Suppa
1T4 Ivan Zdravkovic
1T3 Sebastien Balda
1T2 vacant
TrackOne 1T5 Evan Boyce
First Year Chair 1T5 Kimberly Shen
Fourth Year Chair 1T2 vacant

External Representatives[edit]

  • UTSU Director - Abhishek Mathur
  • UTSU Director - Dimpho Radebe
  • UTSU Director - Akid Azfar

Skule™ Spirit[edit]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit]

Conferences Hosted[edit | edit source]

Ontario Engineering Competitions