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VP External
email vpexternal@g.skule.ca
Other names VPX, VP Ex, VP External Relations
Years active 2007-2013
Employer President
Organization Engineering Society
Board member of Board of Directors, Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario, Canadian Federation of Engineering Students

During the 2012-2013 year, this officer position was eliminated.

The Vice-President External is one of the executive members of the Engineering Society. He/She is responsible for the external representation and partnership of the society. The VP External maintains our relations with groups outside of the Engineering Society, specifically with other universities, high school students, professional organizations, industry, and the general public. He/She represents the Society to the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), which are our primary point of contact with other schools. As well, the VP External is responsible for external research via the societies' ties and for developing project solutions to improve the Society. To do all of this, the VP External manages his/her project directors in the Oversights section below and implements some Current Projects him/herself.

Oversight[edit | edit source]

The VP External portfolio includes:

Project Directors


Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Initiating relationships with external media agencies
  • Development of ESSCO
  • Revamping of Community Outreach efforts

Ongoing Projects[edit | edit source]

Past Projects[edit | edit source]

Past VPs External[edit | edit source]

Year Name
2021-2022 Anika Shenoy ^** NΨ 2T4
2020-2021 Katie Vranesic ^* CIV 2T1+1+PEY
2016-2017 Saarthak Saxena *** ?
2012-2013 Anton Klunko Indy 1T2+PEY
2011-2012 Zoriana Workun*/Gordon Tang Civ 1T2/Indy 1T4
2010-2011 Mauricio Curbelo Civ 1T3+PEY
2009-2010 Abhishek Mathur Mech 1T2+PEY
2008-2009 George Missios Chem 0T9
2007-2008 Eamon McDermott NΨ 0T5+3
2006-2007 Alaina Lagrou** Indy 0T8
2005-2006 Nick Loberto** Mech 0T7+PEY
2004-2005 Bruce Cameron** -
2003-2004 Vivek Shekhar ?
2002-2003 Mike Branch Comp 0T3
2001-2002 Eric Tang CIV 0T2

* Resigned

** From 2004 to 2007, the VP External position was carried out as the "External Relations Director", a Project Director position on Council.

*** ???

^* From 2020 to 2021, the Directorship was brought back as a Temporary Internal Directorship after Skule™ rejoined the CFES.

^** At the March 2021 BoD meeting, the Directorship was reinstated as a Project Directorship, preluding Skule™ rejoining ESSCO.