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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2013-2014[edit | edit source]

UTSU fee diversion and the Student Societies Summit[edit | edit source]

As a result of fee diversion referenda succeeding at the Faculty of Applied Science as well as Trinity College and Victoria University, the University initiated a consultative process with the UTSU, divisional student societies at the St. George campus, and UTMSU in lieu of granting fee diversion outright, mainly over concern that the UTSU would no longer be able to manage the Student Commons if ceased to represent all undergraduate students on the St. George campus. Four professors were hired as expert moderators to mediate discussion and ultimately provide a report to the Provost (Cheryl Regehr), who would then provide a staff recommendation to Governing Council.

The once-a-month meetings were controversial, with the UTSU complaining that the University did not invite levy groups and clubs to participate (though they were invited to make written submissions) and some divisional societies complaining that facilitated dialogue had been tried before and to attempt the process again would be a waste of time. Engineering Society representatives Mauricio Curbelo (President) and Thomas Santerre (VP Communications) held the position that full separation from the UTSU would be the only viable solution.

Topics discussed included the history of animosity between some divisional societies (especially EngSoc) and the UTSU, the financial arrangement between the UTSU and UTMSU, concerns over the UTSU's democratic processes, the legitimacy of divisional referenda, and the purpose of the Summit itself. Ultimately both the UTSU and UTMSU withdrew from the Summit. The final report (Summit.pdf) was issued near the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, and called for a number of significant changes to student governance.

Donation to the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship[edit | edit source]

During the previous academic year it became known that the Faculty intended to construct a new building on what was then the surface parking lot behind Simcoe Hall. The building would focus on interdisciplinary engineering work and would be the first Faculty building not assigned to a particular department. Included in the building would be new student club space on the basement level. Carrying over an idea from the previous administration, the Engineering Society established a donor agreement with the Faculty to contribute $1 million by 2016 to "name" the basement space of the CEIE, with the funds to come from the recently-established Skule Endowment Fund. The naming of the space provided greater assurance that the space would not be re-purposed in the future, allowed the Engineering Society to become more involved and respected as a stakeholder in the building planning process, and provided the Faculty with student support for the building project.

Engineering at UTM proposal[edit | edit source]

During the 2013-2014 academic year, the Faculty revealed a proposal to create an engineering program at UTM, where students would attend UTM for 2 years, completing a general first year of engineering studies as well as a number of Arts & Science courses, and then attend the St. George campus for another 3 (or 3+PEY) years to complete their degree, ultimately graduating with a BASc and a Minor in Arts & Science. The Engineering Society opposed the proposal on the grounds that it was based on a larger plan to eventually move undergraduates off the St. George campus and the Faculty should have no role in such a project. Other reasons included the uncertain value of an A&S minor, the reputation of UTM compared to the St. George campus, the fact that grade 12 students would be committing to a 5- or 6-year program (and a Minor) without knowing the benefits of such a program to their particular career path, and a dubious survey conducted to justify the proposal which contained misleading questions intended to produce a favourable result. The Engineering Society involved its class representatives, Faculty committee representatives, and Discipline Club chairs in opposing the proposal at every stage of the governance process until finally the Dean announced that the proposal was postponed for "further market research".

Resignations and recalls[edit | edit source]

There were fewer resignations and recalls than in the previous year. VP Academic Shaishav Shah resigned at the beginning of the summer due to personal reasons. Ishan Gupta and Nolan Piette resigned as Chem Club Chair and Suds Manager, respectively, after accepting PEY positions outside the GTA.

Engineering Society Positions[edit]



Project Directors[edit]


Board of Directors[edit]

Speaker Matthew Lattavo
Chemical Engineering Representative Sean Hunt
Civil Engineering Representative Evan Ma
Computer Engineering Representative Kimberly Shen
Electrical Engineering Representative Allan Wang
Engineering Science Representative Pierre Harfouche
Industrial Engineering Representative Alexandra Szatan
Materials Science Engineering Representative Vinson Quoc Truong
Mechanical Engineering Representative Evan Boyce
Mineral Engineering Representative Ivan Zdravkovic
At-Large Representative Praneet Bagga
At-Large Representative Yerusha Nuh
At-Large Representative Stephanie Gaglione
At-Large Representative Tabish Gilani
First Year Representative Marissa Zhang
First Year Representative Reza Boushehri
First Year Representative Dareen Kutob

Discipline Club Chairs[edit]

Class Representatives[edit]

Chemical Engineering 1T7 Kevin Vincze
1T6 Madhushan Perera
1T5 Youssef Ibrahim
1T4 Azer Mehmoodi
Civil Engineering 1T7 Syed Imam
1T6 Justin Federbush
1T5 Sharon Mandair
1T4 Suchit Chanana
Computer Engineering 1T7 Shreyas Upadhyay
1T6 Milan Maljkovic
1T5 Sanjana Kambalapally
1T4 vacant
Electrical Engineering 1T7 Deeptanshu Prasad
1T6 Owen Yeh
1T5 Maged Ahmed
1T4 vacant
Engineering Science 1T7 Rossdan Craig
1T6 Kenny Kim
1T5 Oliver Liang
1T4 Kurtis Martin-Sturmey
Industrial Engineering 1T7 Jansin Cai
1T6 Rejuana Alam
1T5 Krystle Pang
1T4 Chelsea Carrasco
Materials Science & Engineering 1T7 Dayna Lau
1T6 Parisa Najafi
1T5 Michael Sabatini
1T4 Abrar Mahmud
Mechanical Engineering 1T7 Ashley McIlvena
1T6 Omar Ismail
1T5 Evan Boyce
1T4 Felix Pang
Mineral Engineering 1T7 Paige Clark
1T6 Sarah Heffernan
1T5 Eduardo Cervantes
1T4 Jonathan Adomait
TrackOne 1T7 Amir Sheidaei
First Year Chair 1T7 Joshua Calufato
Fourth Year Chair 1T4 vacant

Skule™ Spirit[edit]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit]

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Pierre Harfouche
  • UTSU Director - Sanchit Mathur
  • UTSU Director - Vanessa Bridge

Conferences Hosted[edit | edit source]