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Engineering Society Bylaws[edit | edit source]

Bylaw 2 (Internal Directors)[edit | edit source]

1.19 Sponsorship Director

1.19.1 There shall be a Sponsorship Director, who shall be responsible for:
a) the development and maintenance of sponsorship packages for Orientation, Cannonball, Gradball, and Skule Nite;
b) acquiring and maintaining a database of contact info for potential and current sponsors;
c) selling ads in the Society’s publications;
d) actively pursuing sponsorship for Orientation, Cannonball, and Gradball; and
e) working with the SkuleNite production team to actively pursue sponsorship.1.19.2 The Sponsorship Director shall be overseen by the Vice-President Finance.
1.19.3 The Sponsorship Director shall coordinate all sponsorship activities of the Society

Current and Past Sponsorship Directors[edit | edit source]

Year Sponsorship Director
2023-2024 Harvi Karatha NΨ 2T5
2022-2023 Alisa
2021-2022 Purushoth Thavendran Chem 2T2
2020-2021 Kushagra Goel ECE 2T3
2019-2020 Chan Hyuk Yang NΨ 2T2
2016-2017 Allan Cheung*/Sam McCulloch Chem 1T8/Indy 2T0
2015-2016 Peter Luo Civ 1T6+PEY
2014-2015 Ron Suprun Indy 1T7T1+PEY
2013-2014 Prashant Megnath Chem 1T5+PEY
2012-2013 Felipe Richards Indy 1T3
2011-2012 Alberto Picard-Ami Indy 1T3
2010-2011 Jonathan Ng Comp 1T3
2009-2010 Samantha Yang Indy 1T0+PEY
2008-2009 Alvin Ho Elec 0T9+PEY
2007-2008 Vinson Kan Elec 0T9+PEY
2006-2007 Evan Jones Civ 0T9
2005-2006 Paul Radcliffe NΨ 0T7
2004-2005 Sonia Baldessarre ?