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The University of Toronto Civil Engineering Club (CIV Club) provides numerous services for it’s current, past and future students. Our services aim to enhance the overall quality and experience of fellow Civil Engineering students. These services include Academics, Social, Sports, Common Room, Advocacy, Professional Development and much more.

A few examples of our services include an Anti-Calendar to assess courses and their usefulness, and share knowledge to students, Blog Posts on our Club Website with information that is important to students from all the execs, a Mentorship program to help transition and assist First Year Students with the help of upper year volunteers, a Sustainability Forum, GB Locker Rentals, and a Common Room (which contains a pingpong table, a foosball table, a pop vending machine, many comfortable couches, chairs and tables, a classroom projector screen, microwaves and the CIV Club Office).

CIV Club also host many events during the year which include the Civil Engineering Dinner Dance (around November), F!rosh Week Event, Book Trade Event, Iron Ring Celebration, Monthly Common Room Events, BBQs, “Special Events” and much more.

CIV club has been active for over 10 years!

CIV Club hosts an exciting dinner dance night and party annually in November for U of T Engineering Students. Stay updated and buy your tickets fast!

Executive Team[edit | edit source]

The CIV Club Executive Team for the 1T2-1T3 Skule™ year consists of:

Chair   Jess Lam
Vice-Chair   Teresa Nguyen
Academic Rep   Jason Arsenault
Treasurer/Webmaster   Nicholas Nico Valenton
Business Rep   Ian Weinberger
Social Rep   Aneeqa Haider
Sports Rep   Alessandro Zavatti
3rd Year Class Rep   Bo Wen
2rd Year Class Rep   Elissar El-Hage
1st Year Class Rep   Peter Luo
Mentorship Coordinator   Claire Oh
Mentorship Coordinator   Brandon Gole

Contact[edit | edit source]

Common Room: Galbraith Building Room 123
Email Address: