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The EngSci Club logo
EngSci's Annual Dinner Dance - 2011


The EngSci Club is here to help you with whatever you need during university life!

The club organizes a number of social and academic events throughout the year. This includes the annual Dinner Dance, Ski Trip, Talent Show, Foosball Tournament and more! These events are a great way to meet other students and, simply put, just have fun! So keep a look out for EngSci Club event’s and email’s throughout the year!

If you’re looking for a place to get some work done or just hang out and relax, our common room is located on the 2nd floor of Bahen.

Find out more about the club! 

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or just want to talk, visit the club office in our common room or send an email!

Executive Team[edit | edit source]

EngSci Club Chair: Rossdan Craig

The EngSci Club Executive Team for the 1T4-1T5 Skule™ year consists of:

Chair   Amanda Aleong, BME 1T4+PEY
Vice-Chair   Brian To, ECE 1T5+PEY
Director of Student Life   Kenny Kim, BME 1T6
Director of Communications   Judy Shen, ECE 1T6
Director of Finance   Sean Hsieh, Infra 1T6

Past Execs[edit | edit source]

Year Chair Vice-Chair Director of Student Life Director of Communications Director of Finance
2014-2015 Amanda Aleong BME 1T4+PEY Brian To ECE 1T5 Kenny Kim BME 1T6 Judy Shen ECE 1T6 Sean Hsieh Infra 1T6
2013-2014 Stuti Rugee NRG 1T3+PEY John Liu ECE 1T4 Sharon Ravindran BME 1T5 Brian To ECE 1T5 David Belvedere MSF 1T5
2012-2013 Christopher Sun BME 1T4 Stuti Rugee NRG 1T3+PEY David Belvedere 1T5 John Liu ECE 1T4 ??? ???

Contact[edit | edit source]

Common Room: Second Floor of Bahen Centre for Information Technology
Email Address: