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The Bnad Leedur of the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad provides the melody for the rest of the Bnad to follow, leads in the singing of songs, and introduces the Bnad with The Rant. The Bnad Leedur may play any instrument he/she is competent at. In recent years, most Bnad Leedurs have played the trombone, trumpet, or saxophone, however, they have also been known to play instruments such as the guitar or sousaphone. The Bnad Leedur is also a crucial part of 'Bnad quorum', as both a current or former Bnad Leedur and a current or former D(r)umb Majur(k) must be present for a Bnad event to occur.

Selection of the Bnad Leedur[edit | edit source]

The Bnad Leedur has a term of two years, and thus there are always two current Bnad Leedurs to lead an event. When first selected at Godiva's Wake, the individual becomes the Baby Bnad Leedur until Gradball two months later. At Gradball, the Baby Bnad Leedur becomes the Joonyur Bnad Leedur and the Joonyur Bnad Leedur becomes the Bnad Leedur, while the current Bnad Leedur yields their responsibilities to the new team.

Current and Past Bnad Leedurs[edit | edit source]

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