Engineering Society MilestonesEdit

2023 was the 150th Anniversary of Engineering at UofT. To facilitate the celebration of the sesquicentennial, a new project directorship was created.

Engineering Society PositionsEdit

* Resigned
** Recalled by the Board of Directors
*** Recalled by the respective consistency


Project DirectorsEdit

Chief Returning OfficerEdit

Board of DirectorsEdit

Speaker Amanda Plotnik
Chemical Engineering Representative Kenneth Sulimro
Civil Engineering Representative Neha Marfani
Electrical and Computer Engineering Representative Emily Bao
Electrical and Computer Engineering Representative Hetav Pandya
Engineering Science Representative Novera Ahmed
Industrial Engineering Representative
Materials Science Engineering Representative Raysa Dyczok
Mechanical Engineering Representative Nat Espinosa Merlano
Mineral Engineering Representative Ga-In Kim
At-Large Representative Parker Johnston
At-Large Representative Archit Bhargava
At-Large Representative Samantha Butt
At-Large Representative Elliot De Angelis
First Year Representative Andy Gong
First Year Representative Khalid Nassar
First Year Representative
UTSU Representative

Discipline Club ChairsEdit

Class RepresentativesEdit

Chemical Engineering 2T6 Jenny Zhou
2T5 Amogh Manivannan
2T4 Kaitlyn Tran
2T3+PEY Mubashir Shaikh
2T2+PEY/2T3 Gehna Karani
Civil Engineering 2T6 Omar Alzahed
2T5 Ike Arzoumanian
2T4 Jeff Chen
2T3+PEY Bo Zhao
2T2+PEY/2T3 Christian Calarco
Computer Engineering 2T6
2T5 Ken Hilton
2T4 Oyku Ugur
2T3+PEY Archit Bhargava
2T2+PEY/2T3 Mymy Tran
Electrical Engineering 2T6
2T5 Kassie Tan
2T4 Sam Chowdhury
2T2+PEY/2T3 Julia Wagner
Engineering Science 2T6 Andy Gong, Anusha Fatima Alam
2T5 Ayleen Yan Farnood, Joaquin Antonio I. Arcilla
2T4 Jeremy Bryce
2T2+PEY/2T3 Sam Gaskin
Industrial Engineering 2T6 Grace Huang
2T5 Tala Malkawi
2T4 Anmol Mahajan
2T3+PEY Vanessa Elefteriadis
2T2+PEY/2T3 Kyle Justin Juliao
Materials Science & Engineering 2T6 Jasnoor Kaur Hazooria
2T5 Iva Guo
2T4 Tobin Zheng
2T2+PEY/2T3 Nicole Ryk
Mechanical Engineering 2T6 Connie Lou
2T5 Rafiq Muhanad Rafiq Omair, Thea Kristiana Perez
2T4 Ahsan Eslami
2T3+PEY Natalie Bellefleur, Andre Li
2T2+PEY/2T3 Phil Cuvin
Mineral Engineering 2T6 Ga-In Kim
2T4 Raymond Bhushan
TrackOne 2T6 Sherry Zhang

Associated EntitiesEdit

Spirit HeadsEdit

Ancillary OrganizationsEdit

Internal RepresentativesEdit

  • First Year Chair - Khalid Nassar
  • Fourth Year Chair - Annie Pham
  • Valedictorian - Cassey Shao

External RepresentativesEdit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

Conferences HostedEdit