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You’re Next Career Network

You’re Next is a career network that focuses on enhancing the relationship between students, industry professionals, organizations, alumni and the faculty. For the past 3 years, You’re Next has been running the largest Engineering and IT undergraduate career fair at the University of Toronto, focused on exposing our students to career opportunities and possibilities. This year we are expanding into the largest student career development network in the University of Toronto: The You're Next Career Network.

You're Next Career Network's mission is to develop University of Toronto students to realize their career potential, and to provide them with opportunities for employer-student interaction. Our year-long events will help students develop skills, network, and gain access to job opportunities.

You’re Next Initiatives: Startup Career Expo (new initiative): The October event that immerses U of T students and employers in the large and fast-paced startup community, providing visitors with face-to-face networking opportunities with startup companies and incubator programs.

Career Fair: Our original event hosted every January, bringing out over 1,800 driven students and over 45 companies to a one-day recruitment and networking opportunity.

Launchpad Series (new initiative): A yearlong series that aims to bring a more personal connection between students and industry professionals through panel discussions, workshops, and seminars.