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The Engineering Society provides specially coloured hardhats to many individuals that fulfill leadership roles within the Skule Community. The hardhats provide recognition for these individuals' efforts, promote awareness of their roles in the Skule community, and bolster Skule spirit (facilitated by the Policy on Hard Hats). By tradition, some colours are reserved for groups and individuals external to the Society, including the Skule Trinity, Skule Nite, and the Pink hardhat in memory of Julie Wilkinson.

Hardhats are often decorated by their owners, sometimes with simple stickers and letters to label their position, and sometimes with elaborate gadgets and contraptions. Each year, the F!rosh Hardhat Decoration Contest is held during Godiva Week to determine who can come up with the best/most creative designs.

Current Hardhat Colours[edit | edit source]

Colour Position
Yellow F!rosh
Skule Trinity
High Visibility Orange Bnad Leedur
D(r)umb Majur(k)
Black Cannon Guard
Silver Brute Force Committee
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
White Fireman's Hardhat President
Purple F!rosh Week Exec Team
Pink Julie Wilkinson (Memorial)
Gold Godiva's Crown
Blue and Gold Halves Mr. Blue & Gold
White Officers (except the President)
Discipline Club Chairs
Green Alumni Outreach Director
Blue & Gold Committee Chair
Business Manager
Cafeteria Managers
Cannonball Chair
Career Fair Director
Chief Returning Officer
Community Outreach Director
Computer Systems Administrator
EAA President
Engineering Stores Managers
Executive Secretary
F!rosh Handbook Editor
Gradball Chair
Hi-Skule Liaison
Orientation Chair
Professional Outreach Director
Skulebook Editor
Skule Kup Director
Sponsorship Director
Cannon Editor
Toike Editor
UTEK Director
International Transition Director
Skule™ Photography Director
External Relations Director
Commuter Student Director
Beige Suds Managers
Orange Board of Directors (non-Officers)
Class Representatives
Year Chairs
UTSU Directors (Engineering)
Governing Council Representatives (Engineering)
Affiliated Clubs
Grey Affiliated Club Chairs
Non-Engineering Society
Red Skule Nite

About Julie Wilkinson and the Pink Hard Hat[edit | edit source]

More info needs to be researched through the Skule Archives, however what is known about Julie is that she was a past Business Manager for the Engineering Society. A part-time industrial engineering student while fulfilling the role and responsibilities of a Business Manager, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was known for making significant contributions to the improvement of the Skule community. Eventually, she passed away due to her illness. The pink hard hat is the Engineering Society's memorial for her, and sits above the Business Manager's desk in the Engineering Society Office.