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The Toike Oike is the humour newspaper produced by the Engineering Society, billing itself as "The University of Toronto's Humor Newspaper since 1911". At the time of its creation in 1911 it served as a means of serious communication between EngSoc members, notably to provide a platform for the discussion of Engineering Society elections, but over time it has developed into a newspaper whose prime focus is humour. The Cannon (Newspaper) now fulfills the role of the "old" Toike. The Toike is run completely by a group of student volunteers and publishes on a monthly basis. Copies are available at news stands across campus and outside the EngSoc office in the basement of the Sandford Fleming building, on the Skule™ Newsstands.

History[edit | edit source]

The origin of the meaning of "Toike Oike" has been lost in time. One popular theory states that in the early days of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, there was a caretaker named Graham who worked in the Little Red Skulehouse and had a thick Irish accent. This caretaker was fond of telling students, who would work until late hours in the lab, to "take a hike" when the building closed every night, but because of his accent the phrase was heard as "toy-kee-oyk". When it came time to establish a new Skule Yell, the students decided to incorporated this phrase into it, and later to use it as the name of the original engineering newspaper.

Toiking[edit | edit source]

To “Toike a door” is to craftily prop it open such that all your friends may pass through it at any hour. The most skilled Toikers are able to achieve such a feat using only one leaf of print, ideally the cover and back. In doing so, the cunning Engineer displays Skills of:

  • Ingenuity, in using Minimal Materials to Fulfill their Task
  • Communication, in Marking the Toiked door from afar with the Distinctive cover
  • Community, in Allowing all to Enter the Halls where they are

In past years, the tradition of "Toiking" was a popular use of the Toike Oike newspaper. It was a form of "involuntary make-up application", where the back page of an issue of the Toike is rubbed vigorously against the face of a person. The back page always contains content printed almost entirely with black ink (covering the entire page) so that upon completing the action described, the person being Toiked is left with black ink residue all over their face. However, this look is not a source of shame, and many students who have been Toiked choose to proudly wear this new look for at least some time before heading to a bathroom to scrub the ink off.

Positions[edit | edit source]

The Toike Oike does not have as large a hierarchy as most professional newspapers, but there are still defined positions within the paper:


The Toike has usually operated with only one Editor, an elected Project Director of the Engineering Society. The Editor is responsible for all administrative tasks from organizing meetings, collecting content, and managing the budget.

Senior Staff Writer

The senior staff writer is a large mountain of comedic material and potential. They typically provide a large volume of the written content in the Toike (or "encourage" the folks who do provide the writing) and are charged with making up new content on the fly as the Editor requires. The senior staff writer is also a mentor for Toike writers, providing feedback for new writers and taking the lead on editing and reviewing content.

Graphics Director

The head graphics editor is an actual Adobe Photoshop Wizard. They typically provide a large volume of the graphic content in the Toike and are charged with making up new content on the fly as the Editor requires. The graphics director also oversees the graphics team which generates all the nifty visuals found in the Toike.

Layout Editor

The layout editor takes the content and arranges it into beautifully-set pages ready for printing. Their weapon of choice is Adobe InDesign.

Copy Editor

The copy editor checks all spelling and grammar in the paper, ensuring that the Toike is both hilarious and could be used as a sample to preserve the rules and etiquette of the English language.

Distribution manager

The distribution manager is responsible for ensuring the "timely" delivery of Toikes all across campus. In recent memory, they have started using wagons for increased efficiency.

Past Editors[edit | edit source]

Year Editor Issue Title
2023-2014 Ben Gloade NΨ 2T4
Just a Simple Country Toike



2022-2023 Navin Vanderwert NΨ 2T4
Toike 175


Greenwashing Toike


Land Before Toike

2021-2022 Natalia Espinosa-Merlano Mech 2T3
Young Adult Toike

Capitalism Toike

Childhood Toike

Cannon Toike

Anime Toike

Shark Toike

2020-2021 Parker Johnston ECE 2T2
Toiker Beat


Conspiracy Toike

Fan Fiction Toike

History Toike

Furry Toike

ɐıןɐɹʇsǝʞıo⊥ uıƃɹıΛ

2019-2020 Joanna Melnyk NΨ 2T1 Toike Oike Traveler

Election Toike

British Toike

Amazing Toike

Old Macdonald had a Toike

Onion Toike

2018-2019 Leigh McNeil-Taboika Chem 1T9+PEY The Toike Oike for Dummies

The Skulemarillion

The Toke Oke

Toike Oike Revolution

MS Paint Toike

Monty Python and the Toike Oike

2017-2018 Jenn Dixon MSE 1T8+PEY Ye Olde Toike Oike

Sex Toike

Box Toike

The Toikeconomist

Space Toike

2016-2017 Simo Pajovic Mech 1T8+PEY NintenToike

ScienToific American

90s Toike

A Fistful of Toikes

Ye Olde Book of Toike Magik

Liquidation Toike

2015-2016 Ryan Williams NΨ 1T7

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2014-2015 Colin Parker ECE 1T6+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2013-2014 John Sweeney Chem 1T6

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2012-2013 Evan Boyce Mech 1T5+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2011-2012 Andrew Jerabek Mech 1T3+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2010-2011 Navid Nourian † NΨ 1T2+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2009-2010 Tom Parker/Bryan Thompson Mech .../Mech 0T9+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2008-2009 Amanda Bell Indy 1T1+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2007-2008 Vesna Cemas Chem 1T0

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2006-2007 Christian Chicorli NΨ 0T8+PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2005-2006 Mei Ling Chen Chem 0T7 Toike Oike Publications for this year
2004-2005 David Kobayashi ?

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2003-2004 Kevin Au ?

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2002-2003 Mark Jaggassar Comp 0T2 + PEY

Toike Oike Publications for this year

2000-2001 David Perry Comp 0T0 + PEY Toike Oike Publications for this year
1999-2000 Matthew Lenner Comp 0T0 + SAC Toike Oike Publications for this year
1997-1998 Paul Hempel Comp 0T0 + PEY Toike Oike Publications for this year
1996-1997 Colin Knowles Mech 9T8 + PEY  
1994-1995 Tim Redford EngSci Aero 9T4+1  
1993-1994 Tim Redford EngSci Aero 9T4+1  
1992-1993 Henry N. Pedro ???  
1990-1991 Justin Bowler †
1980-1981 Dave Thompson Ind 8T3 Toike Oike Publications for this year

External Links[edit | edit source]

Toike Oike website

We Regret the Fact[edit | edit source]

The following is an excerpt from a 1930 Toike Oike, and it depicts some practices, traditions, and prejudices which were once commonplace in Engineering culture. Such activities were wrong then, and are wrong today.

We regret the fact that contrary to our own desires we have been obliged to make known to the public the complete procedure to be adopted during the initiation ceremony of Thursday evening. Owing to the timidity with which some of the Freshmen are approaching the event, the Council on Initiation Affairs deemed it advisable that the following be published. Except for a few minor, and as yet tentative details, this is a true declaration of the manner in which the initiation will be conducted. The Freshman will present himself, clothed in no more than is necessary to cross the street between the Engineering building and Convocation Hall. A barrel is particularly acceptable in view of the fact that it may be broken up and used to advantage in the events that follow. The Freshmen are urgently requested to co-operate to this small extent if at all possible. Upon arriving at the draughting room the participant will be effectively blinded by a small strip of adhesive tape, so placed as to make the opening of the eyelids impossible. He will then be lifted, by an arrangement of tackle, to a height of about 20 feet above the floor. A quick release mechanism will allow him to be precipitated suddenly to a spring platform inclined at 45 degrees to the horizontal. If the computed values of velocity and coefficient of restitution are accurate to within 10%, the subject will land squarely in a tub of lukewarm water. Allowing for inaccuracies in adjustment, the approach to the tub will be slanted so as to insure immersion. Upon scrambling out of the water he will be dried by rolling in a bed of charcoal, finely divided. In case this does not prove as effective as anticipated the participant will receive an application of blacking, a substance especially prepared by members of Department 6 (Chemical). The nature of this ointment we do not feel it compulsory to divulge. This will render each man free from identification so that no partiality can be shown friends. A generous application of some wholesome soap will be applied to the head to make the shaving as painless as possible. Several additional features have been submitted to the committee but it was felt that with the numbers taking part, a longer programme would make it impossible to do things with the thoroughness that is desirable. As a grand finale, however, we have arranged the "Giant Swing" in which the happy Freshman will be ejected, by a spring board catapult, some ten feet into space, and will, if properly aimed, alight on a feather tick, where he will be served with hot coffee and crackers. Hoping this arrangement will meet with unanimous approval. "We We Regret the Fact." Toike Oike, Oct. 16, 1930