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Engineering Society 2007-2008

Engineering Society Positions[edit]


Commercial Operations[edit]


Discipline Club Chairs[edit]

Class Representatives[edit]

Chemical Engineering 1T1 Katerina Daginis
1T0 Patricia Nikolski
0T9 Rhiad Gajraj
0T8 Louise Bai
Civil Engineering 1T1 Michael Choi
1T0 Jeff Yap
0T9 Jooseok Lee
0T8 Justin Chin
Computer Engineering 1T1 Philip Sochan
1T0 Sean Lamers
0T9 Supakorn Komthong
0T8 Dave Medal
Electrical Engineering 1T1 vacant
1T0 Catherine Kierans
0T9 Peter Scourboutakos
0T8 Kelvin Yu
Engineering Science 1T1 Henry Shi
1T0 Raphael Sammut
0T9 Sarry Al-Turk
0T8 vacant
Industrial Engineering 1T1 Andrea Jovanovic
1T0 Valentine Neilman
0T9 Jon Houle
0T8 Hooman Mehranvar
Materials Science & Engineering 1T1 Ronald Victorino
1T0 Diana Mollicone
0T9 Ryan Singh
0T8 Joel Beck
Mechanical Engineering 1T1 Alexander Pazionis
1T0 Nikolay Tenev
0T9 Alanna Yontef
0T8 Mark Anthony Roxas
Mineral Engineering 1T1 Daniel Alksnis
1T0 vacant
0T9 vacant
0T8 vacant
TrackOne 1T1 Wayne Lin

Year Chairs[edit]

  • First Year - Wayne Lin
  • Second Year - Damian Durlik
  • Third Year - vacant
  • PEY - Sam Vafaee
  • Fourth Year - Sheena Weisman

Skule™ Spirit[edit]

Godiva Week Competition Winners[edit]

External Representatives[edit]

  • UTSU Director - Suhail Khalid
  • UTSU Director - Furqan Mohammad