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|t1 = Tabish Gilani
|t1 = Tabish Gilani
|firstyearchair = ''vacant''
|firstyearchair = Kenny Kim
|lgmb_bl = Mauricio Curbelo
|lgmb_bl = Mauricio Curbelo

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Major Milestones for EngSoc in 2012-2013

Engineering Society Positions


Project Directors


Board of Directors

Speaker Mauricio Curbelo
Chemical Engineering Representative Bo Zhang
Civil Engineering Representative Guillaume Bence-Hebert
Computer Engineering Representative Kimberly Shen
Electrical Engineering Representative Judith Chan
Engineering Science Representative Patrick Zerr
Industrial Engineering Representative Gordon Tang
Materials Science Engineering Representative Vinson Quoc Truong
Mechanical Engineering Representative Shamail Rizwan
Mineral Engineering Representative vacant
At-Large Representative Praneet Bagga
At-Large Representative Aidan Muller
At-Large Representative Teresa Nguyen
At-Large Representative Donnie Yee*/Hollis Milroy
First Year Representative Stephanie Gaglione
First Year Representative Shubham Manchanda
First Year Representative Vuk Svilaric

Discipline Club Chairs

Class Representatives

Chemical Engineering 1T6 Krithika Sugavanam
1T5 Jerry Fung
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Civil Engineering 1T6 Peter Lu
1T5 Elissar El-Hage
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Computer Engineering 1T6 Mark Ye
1T5 Laura Shen
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Electrical Engineering 1T6 Nicholas Chin
1T5 Maged Ahmed
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Engineering Science 1T6 John Yeung
1T5 Sharon Ravindran
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Industrial Engineering 1T6 Anitha Jeremiah
1T5 Judy Zhu
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Materials Science & Engineering 1T6 Anastasia Alksnis
1T5 Michael Sabatini
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Mechanical Engineering 1T6 Brandon Chu
1T5 Steve Lu
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
Mineral Engineering 1T6 Humbert Sin
1T5 vacant
1T4 vacant
1T3 vacant
TrackOne 1T6 Tabish Gilani
First Year Chair 1T6 Kenny Kim
Fourth Year Chair 1T3 vacant

External Representatives

  • UTSU Director - Mo Delwar
  • UTSU Director - Sanchit Mathur
  • UTSU Director - Will Zhang
  • Governing Council Director - James Bateman

Skule™ Spirit

Godiva Week Competition Winners

Conferences Hosted