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Adelaide Denison
Joyne teh Bnad!!
Adelaide IS the face of Graditude.
Discipline Mech
Year 1T2+PEY
Notable Positions
D(r)umb Majur(k) 1T1
Blue & Gold Committee Chair 1T1
Community Outreach Director 1T0

Achievement Unlocked![edit | edit source]

Achievement LGMB.png Achievement DES.png Achievement HRP.png Achievement FTB.png Achievement IYBI.png Achievement T101.png Achievement PP.png

Achievement Locked![edit | edit source]

Achievement no RMMA.png Achievement no LGMBC.png Achievement no EP.png

Engineering Society
Preceded by
Emily Golem
Community Outreach
Succeeded by
Nitla Cooke
Preceded by
Kathy Grycko & Kevin P. Siu
Blue & Gold Committee Chair
With: Peter Raimondo
Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad
Preceded by
Alvin Ho
D(r)umb Majur(k)
Succeeded by
Gabriel Stavros