St. Ralph's Day

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St. Ralph's Day is February 26, 1966, commemorating the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad crashing the opening of the Bloor-Danforth Subway line, and subsequently causing its closing. Upon hearing of the subway opening ceremony, a group of approximately 500 students assembled with the LGMB to crash the event. This mass of Bnad members proceeded to hop the turnstiles and the first 400 students piled on a train, while others were held back. Then, one student pulled the emergency power switch, promptly causing the subway to be closed. For years to come, this day was known as St. Ralph's Day, after the TTC commissioner at the time, and former City of Toronto mayor, Ralph Day. As well, this contributed to the LGMB rant, when the rant is read the line "subway opening" is always echoed with a response of "and subway closing!" from the crowd.