Skule Nite 9T1

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
The Field Trip
The Selection Process
Poignant Professorial Portraits
The Career Centre
Napoleon - The Final Chapter
Saturday Night
Rock'em Sock'em Dynamics
M.C. Hamburger 1
We've Got The Final
Ry High
Riding The TTC
M.C. Hamburger 2
The Constable
Learning To Code
Goldilocks And The Three...
Twin Peaks
Act Two
Trip To Disneyworld
Hall & Oates
Back Side Challenge
"Ode To 'The Man'"
Peter Ustinov
The Card Shoppe
Stepford T.A.'s

Cast[edit | edit source]

Cast Heather Goode Psychology - 2nd yr.
Victoria Kyoko Astronomy/Physics 3rd year
Dan Darin-Zanco Mech PEY
Gloria Dempster Nursing 4th yr.
Fil Tejada Ind. Eng. - 9T0
Almira Mun East Asian Studies/Economics 4th yr.
John Willson Eng. Sci. - 1st yr.
Fidelis Tejada Cognitive Science - 2nd yr.
J.C. Warrington Eng. Sci. - 1st yr.
Chris Daniel Eng. Sci. - 1st yr.
Don Colucci Eng. Sci. - 3rd yr.
Ken Gordon Eng. Sci. - 4th yr.
Ed Bonner Limbo - 1st yr.
Andrew Scott Chem. Eng. - 2nd yr.
Greg Eckler B. Comm. - 4th yr.
Rajko Krminac Elec. Eng. - 3rd yr.

Program[edit | edit source]

Skule-nite-9T1 0001.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0002.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0003.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0004.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0005.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0006.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0007.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0008.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0009.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0010.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0011.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0012.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0013.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0014.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0015.jpg Skule-nite-9T1 0016.jpg