Skule Nite 6T2

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
Some Like it Cold
Somebody Loves Me
Great Moments in Engineering History
Prairie Princess
Act Two
A Real Cool Ghoul
Down Mexico Way
The Cacophonauts
South Campus

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Brock West
Producer Grant Coffey
Stage Manager Bart Smith
Set Design Marion Wilson

Pat Gangnon
Choreographer Arline Patterson
Stage Crew and Set Construction Bab Dickey
Ralph Gmell
Russ Jones
Ted LaPalm
Erik Lovenmark
Don MacKillop
Jon McKnight
Paul Scully
Saul Stricker
Ted Wade
Susan Berner
Judy Carr
Mike Copeland
Kadi Ernesaks
Mary Jane Grant
Ann Haiko
Rusty Greer
Anita Szlazak
Costumes Sherrill Graham
' Annette Convey
  Anne Laferte
  Rosa Gaevert
  Sandy Mahalick
  Cathy Smillie
  Libby Smillie
  Barbara Stanfield
  Mary McCrae
  Diana Rudd
  Joan Purvis
  Linda Lanning
  Carol Bellier
Makeup Charmaine Antoniack
' Bonnie Belec
' Fran Brant
' Rusty Greer
  Joan Hartley
  Pat Hogan
  Janey McCraig
  Diane Moncrieff
  Ann Schrand
  Anita Szlazak
  Virginia Taborek

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Bill Shambrooke
Pam Vickers
Ted Romeyn
Joanne Trott
Don Munro
Betty Trott
Rob Parker
Kevin Smith
John Bassingthwaighte
Carolyn Ray
Frithjof Plahte
Marvin Mandelbaum
Ray Saunders
Peter Laflair
Douglas Scott
Harold Aronovitch
Julie McLaughlin
Lorna Staples
Judy Willows
Maxine Salsberg
Donna Maron
Joey Ayers
Jan Ament
Joe Gilling
Brock West
Stan Miller
Dave McMurtry
Jerry Babbin
Dave Cornfielf
Bill Croskery
Helene Katz
Sharon Moran
Orchestra Musical Director Barry Smith
Bass Bob Lush
Drums Walt Querns
Trumpets Jim Wyse
  Larry House
Trombone Al Smith
Saxophones Brian Barley
  Marvin Brewer
  Gary Morgan
  Don SHaw
Piano Robert MacAngus

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Stage Manager Bart Smith
Ass. Stage Manager George Oksiutik
Music Arranger Jim Wyse
Rehearsal Pianist Ainslie Morrow
' Sharon Rosewarne
Lighting Rae Simpson
Peter Long
Dave Newton
Sound John Bailes
Bill Croskery
Properties Bob Palmer
Loraine Chalefsky

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Programme Designer Richard Hayman
Business Manager Mike Heydon
Tickets Manager John Bell
Publicity Murray Pollitt
  John Adam
  Don Monroe
Writers Jerry Babbin
Cullene Bryant
Dave Cornfield
P.B. Hughes
L.E. Jones and family
Jesse Lapowski
Rob Parker
Ozzie Persava
Laurie Richings
Douglas Scott
Brock West
Bob Zcharczuk
Under the Patronage of: His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Ontario and Mrs. McKay
His Worship Mayor Nathan Phillips, Q.C. and Mrs. Phillips
President Claude T.Bissel and Mrs. Bissel
Dean Emeritus C.R. Young
Dean R.R. McLaughin and Mrs. McLaughlin
Col.W.S.Wilson and Mrs.Wilson
Professor W.J.T. Wright and Mrs. Wright
Warden Joseph McCulley
Hart House Staff Roy Befus
Ron Montgomery
James Hozack
Special Thanks To Hart House Theatre Staff
Kimberly-Clark Corporation of Canada LTD. -Kleenex
Coca-Cola LTD.
Noxema Chemical Co. of Canada LTD.