Skule Nite 1T7

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
House Lights/Opening Up
Frosh Week
Double Date
Engineers Anonymous
Alarm Clock
Cut Thrice, Never Measure 1
Between the Lines
No, Grandpa
Adventure 0
Adventure 1
Bring it On
How Could This Happen to Me
Disco World
Eating Organic
First Day of PEY
Romeo and Juliet
I've Got Caffeine
Cut Thrice, Never Measure 2
Pirahna Kids
Musical Doom
Francesco De Marco
Alcohol Sucks
This Page
Adventure 2
Cut Thrice, Never Measure 3
Scratch That
Turn Up
Act Two
Little T
Are We There Yet
Gumba Instructor
Death Came for Two
Adventure 3
One of Us 1
Do You?
Friends Until the End
One of Us 2
Coffee's Here
Best Day Ofmylife
A Social Life / Engineering
Complimental Warfare
Welcome Home
Inopportune Misconception
Adventure 4
I Know What You Are
Don't Look It In The Eyes
One of Us 3
Best Friends
On a Skule Nite

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Justin Hugh Mech 1T3
Sketch Director Pia Dimayuga Civ 1T7+PEY
Producer Alex Perelgut NΨ 1T6+PEY
Asst. Producer Savannah Forest Civ MASc 1T8
Stage Manager Linda Leung Indy 1T8+PEY
Technical Director Paul Zhou Mech 1T7+PEY
Asst. Technical Director Devlen Malone Min 1T9
Master Carpenter Will Merrick Min 1T7+PEY
Asst. Master Carpenter Sourabh Das Mech 1T7
Costumers Sarah Penwarden Civ 1T7+PEY
Vincent Lee ECE 1T3+PEY
Props Ryan Williams NΨ 1T7+PEY
Asst. Props Jon Norman MSE 1T9
Master Painters Diana Pesce MSE 1T7+PEY
Natalia Sydorenko Mech 1T8
Vocal Director Johnny McGroarty Chem 1T7+PEY
Asst. Vocal Director Nikola Andric Bio MEng 1T7
Choreographer Jenisse Minott Comm 1T6+3
Asst. Choreographer Josh Davis ECE 1T7

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Aurora Zhang Min 1T9
Candice Lam Bio 1T7
Daniel Charpentier Comp 1T7
Emma Sexton NaN
Isabelle Rubenstein ArtSci 1T6
Jenny Graydon Indy 1T8
Josh Davis Comp 1T7
Laura Berneaga Mech 1T9
Lauren Levorson-Wong Lang 2T0
Massimo Gordillo Indy 1T5+2
Matthew Cabral Indy 1T5
Monina Cepeda Bio 1T7
Nikola Andric Bio MEng 1T7
Sean Pitre NΨ 1T8
Stephen Dawe Chem 1T7
Tristan Lipton ArtSci 1T7
Orchestra Conductor Brent Nuevo Music 1T9
Flute/Piccolo Eleanor Jiang Mech 1T9
Alto Sax Ashton Sidhu Indy 1T6+PEY
Tenor / Bari Sax Matheos Tsiaras Civ 1T5+PEY
Trumpet Richard Chen NΨ 1T8
Horn / Trumpet Alex Buck T1 2T0
Trombone Chris Renaud Chem 1T6+PEY
Bass Trombone Apurv Bharadwaj NΨ 1T8
Drums Twesh Upadhyaya NΨ 1T9
Guitar Will Wang Civ 2T0
Bass Nich Popowich ECE 2T0
Keyboards Kate Lavrova Chem 1T8
Violin Kelvin Leung NΨ 1T9
Viola Bennett Leong NΨ 1T8
Cello William Huxter NΨ 1T6+PEY

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Assistant Stage Manager Selin Maden Indy 1T8
Alcoves Buke Erkoc Drama 1T9
Ahmed Abdelaal Civ 1T9
Ninjas Sinan Keyder Indy 1T9
Anita Ankisetty Chem 1T8
Nicole Wongsoo Indy 1T8
Sourabh Das Mech 1T7
Lighting Sabrina Sikora Chem 1T6+1+PEY
Nirali Patel Chem 1T8
Max Kopstein Mech 1T9+1
Andrew Uderian ECE 2T0
Scarlett Zhou T1 2T0
Angela Ma Chem 1T8
Sound Josh Robichaud ECE 1T7
Andrew Lau Civ 1T9
Matthew Kerner Chem 1T8
Ksenia Bilaniuk Min 1T9
Ethan Dean ECE 2T0
Sound Effects Julia Lobo Chem 1T8+PEY
Hema Nookala Mech 1T8+PEY
Sofia Tijanic ECE 1T9

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Videography Oliver LaRose
Henry Shi
Graphic Design Glenn Plantilla
Photography William Ye
Sandy Ma
Building Crew Buke Erkoc
Sinan Keyder
Nicole Wongsoo
Ahmed Abdelaal
Mohamed Hirole
Brandon Lista
Karen Ng
Anita Anisketty
Danil Ojha
Jessye Coleman-Shapiro
Nadia Kostiv
Writers Cameron Whittle
Matthew Cabral
Matthew Frade
Daniel Charpentier
Scott Whitty
Ryan Williams
Stephen Dawe
Jenisse Minott
Sean Pitre
Monina Cepeda
Johhny McGroarty
Nikola Andric
Jenny Graydon
Izzy Rubenstein
Aurora Zhang
Josh Davis
Massimo Gordillo
Michael Manning
Kevin Hugh
Jad Knayzeh
Hassan Anis
Nikola Dimiskovski
Tom Markowitz
Fossils Rob West
Dan Marquez
Chris Tuff
Kevin Vidal
Scott Whitty
Chris Sun
Elissa Caccavella
Amanda Bell
Sean Sit
Mahtab Sabet
Michael Manning
Monica Tedman
Genna Conant
Sebastian Kosch
Daniella Ruggiero
Rachel Whitty
Elizabeth de Roode
Sal Alberti
Haruna Monri
Lynn Wei
Mike Szewczyk
Mike Hawkins
Ian Liness
John Michinsky
Adam Fontana
Matthew Frade
Tom Pitrowski
Thomas Medal
Alex Kung
Faculty Advisor Prof. Micah Stickel
Hart House Staff Brian Campbell
Tim Davidson
Doug Floyd
Front of House
Trevor Rines
Hart House Tickets
Special Thanks To Engineering Alumni Office
Stephanie Ordon
Sonia De Buglio
Engineering Society
Rhonda Meek
Rose Stina