Skule Nite 1T4

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
Arrival At Camp
Welcome You To Camp
EngSci & Indy
No Turning Back
Google Interview
Space Meeting
Cleetus I
The First Fax
You Could Do That
Cleetus II
Oh Cruel Soccer
Unicorn Family
Hot Water
Mech & ECE
Birthday Party
Fast Food Under Pressure
Put Down Your Pens
Flooding Newsroom
Broken Telephone
Cleanup Time
Cold In The Air
Cleetus III
Dudes In Distress
OK Siri
Fuck This Test
Act Two
Let's Go Out
We'll Do Everything
Cleetus IV
The Appendectomy
Pep Talk
The Radinsky Labs
Laser Grid
Trick Or Treat
The Sex Talk
Civil & Min
The Rooster
Food Baby
Rousing Retreat
Rocket Science
Why We'd Fly
Chem & MSE
Back On Dry Land
I Couldn't Leave Here
The Feast

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Navid Nourian NΨ 1T2+PEY
Assistant Director Sandra Sousa ECE 1T3
Producer Jad Knayzeh NΨ 1T3+PEY
Associate Producer Patrice Boisclair-Laberge ECE 1T5
Stage Manager Tom Piotrowski ECE 1T5
Technical Directors Thomas Medal Mech 1T5
Tom Piotrowski ECE 1T5
Master Carpenters Ian Liness Mech 1T3+PEY
Tejas Manjunath Mech 1T4+PEY
Costumers Alessandra Bergeron Civ 1T6
Sarah Ingles NΨ 1T5
Sarah Penwarden Civ 1T7
Props Felix Pang Mech 1T3+PEY
Roger Luo Indy 1T6
Master Painter Elissar El-Hage Civ 1T5
Vocal Directors Nicole Tavares Chem 1T3+PEY
Sebastian Kosch NΨ 1T3
Emma Sexton Indy 1T6
Choreographers Michael Manning NΨ 1T3+PEY
Elizabeth De Roode Chem 1T6

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Isabelle Rubenstein Arts 1T5
Daniel Charpentier T1 1T7
Elizabeth De Roode Chem 1T6
Jenisse Minott T1 1T7
Johnny McGroarty Chem 1T7
Hassan Anis Indy 1T5
Monina Cepeda Mech 1T6
Rohit Zachariah Indy 1T7
Pia Dimayuga NΨ 1T7
Kevin Hugh Comp Sci 1T6
Emma Sexton Indy 1T6
Massimo Gordillo Indy 1T5
Michael Manning NΨ 1T3+PEY
Justin Hugh Mech 1T3
Kayla Steadman Civ 1T7
Nikola Andric Chem 1T5
Josephine Cooper Chem MASc
Orchestra Conductor Kevin Lam NΨ 1T3+PEY
Violin Haruna Monri Civ1T4T1+PEY
Violin Tian Lin Civ 1T4+PEY
Cello Lynn Wei Chemistry 1T4
Flute Judy Shen NΨ 1T6
Clarinet Alex Perelgut NΨ 1T6
Alto Sax Ashton Sidhu Indy 1T6
Tenor Sax Matheos Tsiaras Civ 1T5
Trumpet David Chen Mech 1T5
Trumpet Brent Nuevo NΨ 1T7
Keyboards Adam Rosenfield NΨ 1T4
Trombone Chris Renaud Chem 1T6
Trombone Tristan O'Rourke NΨ 1T4+PEY
Guitar Liam Stevenson Civ 1T5
Bass Jeff Craig TableMaking 1T4
Drums Adam Thomas Mech 1T5
Percussion Andrew Thompson Comm 1T1

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Assistant Stage Manager Matt Frade Indy 1T6
Alcove Left Aidan Solala Mech 1T6
Alcove Right Michael Oatway Mech 1T6
Stage Crew Vincent Lee ECE 1T3 + PEY
Yosuke Mori ECE 1T5
Shashwat Sharma NΨ 1T3+PEY
Sowmya Tata ECE 1T7 + PEY
Trevor Witjes ECE 1T5
Paul Zhou MECH 1T7
Lighting Anna Hankinson ECE 1T5
Savannah Forest Civ 1T6
Ian Liness Mech 1T3 + PEY
Sabrina Sikora Chem 1T6
Minh Nguyen Civ 1T3
Sound Sal Alberti Indy 1T3 + PEY
Josh Robichaud ECE 1T7
Sophia Wolff Mech 1T5
Sound Effects John Sweeney Chem 1T6
Daniella Ruggiero Mech 1T3+1

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Videography Shashwat Sharma NΨ 1T3 + PEY
Kevin Jen NΨ 1T7
Graphic Design Chunkei Tang Chem 1T4 + PEY
Web Design Shen Wang NΨ 1T5
Brian To NΨ 1T5
Photography William Ye NΨ 1T4 + PEY
Building Crew Saminah Amin
Divya Dadlani
Cyrus Lau
Evelyn Sham
Miicheil Tan
Demetres Kostas
Navid Nourian
Sean Sit
Scott Orr
Nancy Ho
Michael Stranges
Writers Jonny Sun
Kevin Vidal
Elissa Caccavella
Carina Cautillo
Peter Goshulak
Peter Wills
Amanda Bell
Christopher Sun
Scott Whitty
Navid Nourian
Sean Sit
Bryan Thompson
The SN1T2 Cast
The SN1T2 Brains
The Fossils
Music Arrangements Ryan Alafriz
Mark Jeffrey
David Ruggiero
Alex Ariza
Sal Alberti
Marc Tyndel
Amanda Bell
Raymond McTaggart
The SN1T2 Cast
Special Thanks To Kian Marandi
Carina Cautillo
Mason Lau
Jon Hoss
Kevin Vidal
David Ruggiero
Rob West
David Ambrose
Khurram Somjee
Roberto Caballero
The Fossils