Skule Nite 1T3

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
A Reason to Laugh
Bad News Bears - I
Sexual Disorientation
HWW - Chem & Elec
A Dangerous Encounter
In Engineering
In the Name of Love
You Can Go With This
HWW - MSE & Comp
Bad News Bears - II
Copy Time
Ring Ring Ring
Waiter Wait
HWW - Mech & Civ
Power of the Salamander
If Not For Failure
Act Two
One Night
The Information Age
Armchairs and Corpses
Bad News Bears - III
Imma Be!
This is My Education
Out of Order
HWW - Indy & Min
Boss Troubles
Kitchen Nightmwares
Face Tomorrow
Free Me
Bad News Bears - IV
Feelin' Gangsta
HWW - EngSci & T1
You Make Me Feel
Company Policy
Help Me Go Higher
This Iron Ring

Brains[edit | edit source]

Directors Christopher Sun NΨ 1T3+PEY
Scott Whitty NΨ 1T3+PEY
Producers Amanda Bell Indy MASc 1T4
Ian Parker Min 1T2+1
Chunkei Tang Chem 1T4
Stage Manager Sandra Sousa Elec 1T3
Technical Directors Adam Fontana Elec 1T3
Ian Liness Mech 1T3+PEY
Master Carpenters Adam Fontana Elec 1T3
Ian Liness Mech 1T3+PEY
Props Felix Pang Mech 1T3+PEY
Painters Catherine Smith Chem 1T3
Elissar El-Hage Civ 1T5
Costumers Ivony Ahat Civ 1T4
Eva Barnard Civ 1T4
Amanda Bell Indy MASc 1T4
Sitara Chiu Civ 1T4
Nikita Dawe Indy 1T3
Lakmini Perera ECE 1T4
Musical Director Sal Alberti Indy 1T3+PEY
Vocal Directors Scott Orr Chem 1T4
Nicole Tavares Chem 1T3+PEY
Choreographers Rachel Whitty Pharm 1T1
Christopher Sun NΨ 1T3+PEY
Kevin Vidal SN 0T9+1
Scott Whitty NΨ 1T3+PEY

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Hassan Anis Indy 1T5
Iulia Ciobanu Arts 1T3
Josephine Cooper Chem MASc 1T3
Elizabeth De Roode Chem 1T6
Massimo Gordillo Indy 1T5
Justin Hugh Mech 1T3
Kevin Hugh CS 1T6
Michael Manning NΨ 1T3+PEY
Navid Nourian NΨ 1T2+PEY
Daniella Ruggiero Mech 1T3
Emma Sexton Mech 1T6
Sean Sit Indy 1T2+PEY
Nicole Tavares Chem 1T3+PEY
Mónica Tedman Arts 1T4
Orchestra Conductor Sal Alberti Indy 1T3+PEY
Bass Jeff Craig Life 2T4
Guitar Kevin Lam NΨ 1T3+PEY
Violin TianYang Lin Civ 1T4
Violin Haruna Monri Civ 1T4
Trombone Tristan O'Rourke NΨ 1T4
Clarinet Alex Perelgut NΨ 1T6
Flute Fay Qian Arts 1T3
Trombone Chris Renaud Chem 1T6
Horn Adam Rosenfield NΨ 1T4
Tenor Sax Thomas Santerre Elec 1T5
Alto Sax Ashton Sidhu NΨ 1T6
Trumpet Tom Stratford BComm 1T3
Drums Adam Thomas Mech 1T5
Percussion Andrew Thompson BComm 1T1
Keyboards Marc Tyndel ECE 1T2
Cello Lynn Wei Arts 1T3

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Floor Manager Tom Piotrowski Elec 1T5
Stage Crew Matthew Frade Indy 1T5
Roger Luo T1 1T6
Tejas Manjunath Mech 1T4
Michael Oatway Indy 1T6
Shashwat Sharma NΨ 1T3+PEY
Lighting Ian Liness Mech 1T3+PEY
Savannah Forest Civ 1T6
Anna Hankinson ECE 1T5
Minh Nguyen Civ 1T3
Sound Ryan Alafriz Indy 1T2+PEY
Sophia Wolf ECE 1T5
Sound Effects Thomas Medal Mech 1T5
David Belvedere NΨ 1T5

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Videography Jad Knayzeh NΨ 1T3+PEY
Jimmy Lu Civ MASc 1T3
Henry Shi ECE MEng 1T2
Programme Billy Wong Civ MASc 1T3
Web Design Brian To NΨ 1T5
Shen Wang NΨ 1T5
Photography Jimmy Lu Civ MASc 1T3
Billy Wong Civ MASc 1T3
Building Crew Emma Bowman
Tania Das
Jake De Biasi
Saheb Dhody
Savannah Forest
Matthew Frade
Shi han
Cyrus Lau
Bryon Leung
Roger Luo
Milan Maljkovic
Alejandro Mejia
Michael Oatway
Patrick Oatway
Colin Parker
Tommy Pearson
Bianca Rosiak
Madeleine Sells
Shashwat Sharma
Sabrina Sikora
Sharon Tao
Yung Han Yen
Writers Christopher Sun
Scott Whitty
Iulia Ciobanu
Justin Hugh
Julia Kozlowski
Michael Manning
Navid Nourian
Henry Shi
Sean Sit
Jonny Sun
Nicole Tavares
The Fossils
Music Arrangements Ryan Alafriz
Sal Alberti
Kevin Lam
Adam Rosenfield
David Ruggiero
Marc Tyndel
Special Thanks To Elissa Caccavella
Carina Cautillo
Henry Cheung
Sonia De Buglio
Sebastian Kosch
Kian Marandi
Dan Marquez
Kristina Minella
Chris Peressotti
Jordan Silverman
Jonny Sun
Chris Tuff
Rob West
The Fossils