Skule Nite 0T9

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
Outrageous Skule™ Nite
Survive Engineering
Skule™ at the Oscars - Civil
Coming Soon
Skule™ at the Oscars - MSE
Dr. Fix It
24 - Part 1
The Perfect Fit
Skule™ at the Oscars - Mechanical
The Bend
Skule™ at the Oscars - Industrial
Hit Singles
24 - Part 2
Lord of the ECF - Part 1
Starship Sexy
Skule™ at the Oscars - Chemical
Sole-ful Weaponry
I Got a C
Skule™ at the Oscars - Track One
It's a Man's World
Lord of the ECF - Part 2
Professor Nefarious
Culinary Transmitted Diseases
Swiss Chase - Part 11
One Test More
Act Two
The Vision Quest
Skule™ at the Oscars - Arts
Lord of the ECF - Part 3
Joking Around
24 - Part 3
Skule™ at the Oscars - Electrical
Barack Attack
4 Years
24 - Part 4
Swiss Chase - Part 2
The Interview
This Just In
Skule™ at the Oscars - Mineral
Google Man
Skule™ at the Oscars - Computer
Nintendo Oui
Skule™ at the Oscars - Engineering Science
Swiss Chase - Part 3
Top Gun 2

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Kian Marandi Mech 0T7+2
Producer Steven Szeto Indy 0T9
Rossana Rodriguez Indy 1T0+1
Stage Manager Stefano Gelmi Indy 0T9
Master Carpenters Stefano Gelmi Indy 0T9
Marc Dallen Mech 1T1
Props Alex Martins Mech 1T1
Jimmy Lu Civ 1T0
Taryn Davis Chem 1T0
Camille Leung Chem 1T0
Kristiana Dean Chem 1T0
Master Painters Amelie Lesser Civ 1T0
Tiffany Chan Mech 1T1
Vanessa DiBattista Civ 1T1+1
Paulette Holtham Indy 1T2
Costumers Alessandra Herrera Bennett Mech 0T9+PEY
Pete Scourboutakos Elec 0T9+1+PEY
Anastasia Wickeler Mech 1T1
Samantha Yang Indy 1T0+PEY
Alexandra Barrett Indy 0T7+PEY
Cathy D'Souza Mech 0T9+PEY
Kristiana Dean Chem 1T0
Vocal Directors David Lee NΨ 0T7
Carina Cautillo Chem 0T9
Choreographers Elissa Caccavella Chem 0T9+PEY
Kian Marandi Mech 0T7+2
Erin Schacter ?
J-M Erlendson Mech 0T7+PEY
Kevin Vidal SN 0T9+1

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Hasan Alkabeer Chem 0T9+PEY
Amanda Bell Indy 1T1+PEY
Gete Berhe Arts 0T8
Elissa Caccavella Chem 0T9+PEY
Cristina Caruso PoliSci 0T7
Carina Cautillo Chem 0T9
J-M Erlendson Mech 0T7+PEY
Mason Lau Chem 0T8
Dan Marquez Indy 0T8+1
Nina Mason DRM 0T9
Velibor Misic Indy 0T9+PEY
Patricia Nikolski NRS 1T2
Nina Noghrekar BCom 0T8
Peter Raimondo Civ 1T1+PEY
Sarah Ranco York 1T?
Danial Shidvash Mech 0T9+PEY
Jonathan Sun NΨ 1T1+PEY
Kevin Vidal SN 0T9+1
Orchestra Conductor Chris Roscoe NΨ 0T6+1
Bass Guitar Ryan Alafriz Indy 1T2
Violin Alessandro Ariza NΨ 0T8+PEY
Flute Shilpa Bommaganti NΨ 0T8+1
Clarinet Jenn Chaskavich Eng 0T9
Trumpet Catie Darling Mech 0T9+PEY
Guitar Greg Dungca Indy 1T1
Alto Saxophone Jesse Fine-Gagné Mech 1T1
Trombone Emily Golem Civ 1T1+PEY
Trumpet Ronnie Hoffer Mech 1T0+PEY
Drums Mark Jeffrey NΨ 0T8+PEY
Violin Jonathan Lee Indy 0T8+PEY
Tenor Saxophone Richard Medal Elec 1T2
Keyboard David Ruggiero NΨ 0T8+PEY
French Horn Laura Southcott EvBio 0T9
Alto Sax Kristin Wild Mech 0T8+PEY

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Floor Manager Ellen Chan MSE 0T8+PEY
Alcove Left Jenn Eversley Civ 1T0
Alcove Right Kevin Vanderwoude Mech 1T1+PEY
Stage Crew Jonathan Asmis NΨ 0T8+PEY
Peter Goshulak Mech 1T1
Matthew "Frank" Pagano Civ 1T0+PEY
Kevin P. Siu NΨ 1T0+PEY
Lighting Mike Szewczyk Civ 0T7
Mike Hawkins Civ 0T8+PEY
Ben Linely ? 1T2
John Matienzo Comp 1T0+PEY
Lamar Lugli NΨ 0T4+PEY
Catherine Kierans Elec 1T0+PEY
Sound Christian Chicorli NΨ 0T8+PEY
Ben Cornwell-Mott Mech 0T8+PEY
Misha Stecyk ECE 1T2
Sound Effects David Clease Mech 1T0+PEY
Alex Martins Mech 1T1

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Production Team Katerina Daginis Chem 1T1
Lise Eamer Mech 0T7+PEY
Nick Loberto Mech 0T7+PEY
Videography Alvin Ho Elec 0T9+PEY
Vinson Kan Elec 0T9+PEY
Programme Billy Wong Civ 1T0+PEY
Tony Chen NΨ 0T9+PEY
Building Crew Kevin Vanderwoude
Peter Goshulak
Jimmy Lu
Fly Crew Chris Wilson
Marc Dallen
Chris Roscoe
Writers Hasan Alkabeer
Carina Cautillo
Mason Lau
Kian Marandi
Daniel Marquez
Caleb McCready
Chris Peressotti
Peter Raimondo
Jonathan Sun
Kevin Vidal
Music Arrangements Chris Roscoe
David Ruggiero
W. David Lee
Alex Ariza
Ryan Alafriz
Carina Cautillo
Kian Marandi
Jonathan Sun