Skule Nite 0T8

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
Avenue Skule™
The Corporate Prognosis
Audition: Chemical Engineering
Unheard Truth
Viva Italia
The Cutest Thing
Error Report
Audition: Materials Science Engineering
I Was Just Thinking
The Invention
An Inconvenient Musical Number
The Super Non-Existent Bakery
Audition: Mineral Engineering
The Mistake
The Power
Harry Pizzle
Audition: Civil Engineering
The Wizard of Skule™
Act Two
I Wanna Drop
Audition: Engineering Science
The Cause
Great Workout
The Real Creation
Into Geeky Guys
Secret Jew
Audition: Mechanical Engineering
The Priesting
The Recreationists
Bed-Ridden Bears
Bridget Jones II
Audition: Arts and Science
Schrödinger's Box
Gotta be a Doc
The Laugh Track
Audition: Computer and Electrical Engineering
Strike Out
The Drinking Game
That's What She Said
Audition: Industrial Engineering
Almost Famous
Musical Numbers
What Do You Do?
An Inconvenient Song
Get Our Iron Rings
Foosball Wizard
Riding the Bell Curve
I Wanna Drop Out of Eng Sci
Into Geeky Guys
I Would do Anything for Fame
Skule Nite - Finale

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Jordan Silverman Mech 0T7
Producer Steven Szeto Indy 0T9
Stage Manager Henry Cheung NΨ 0T7+PEY
Master Carpenter Riley Monsour Mech 0T9+PEY
Props Stefano Gelmi Indy 0T9
Meaghan Reeve MSE 1T1+1
Matt Olmstead Mech 0T0
Master Painters Harim Kim MSE 0T7
Amelie Lesser Civ 1T0
Costumers Alessandra Herrera Bennett Mech 0T9+PEY
Mariam Jawaid-SYed Mech 0T9
Cathy D'Souza Mech 0T9+PEY
Alexandra Barrett Indy 0T7+PEY
Charlsie Searle Civ 0T8+1+PEY
Katerina Daginis Chem 1T1
Valerie Mais Indy 1T0
Vocal Directors Laura Koch Elec 0T6
David Lee NΨ 0T7
Choreographers Stefanie Covens NΨ 0T9+PEY
Karen Chang NΨ 0T1
Sheena Weisman Chem 0T7+PEY

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Sean-Anthony Ashman-Gordon Civ 0T9+2
Getenesh Berhe Arts 0T8
Elissa Caccavella Chem 0T9+PEY
Aadila Dosani DRM 0T8
J-M Erlendson Mech 0T7+PEY
Kristen Facciol NΨ 0T9
Marika Kutnahorsky MSE 0T7+PEY
Mason Lau Chem 0T8
Kian Marandi Mech 0T7+2
Dan Marquez Indy 0T8+1
Nina Mason DRM 0T9
Patricia Nikolski NRS 1T2
Peter Raimondo Civ 1T1+PEY
Sarah Ranco York 1T?
Daniel Rubin York 0T7
Chris Tuff Chem 1T0
Orchestra Conductor Alessandro Ariza NΨ 0T8+PEY
Tenor Saxophone Peter Angelo Chem 0T6+PEY
Flute Shilpa Bommaganti NΨ 0T8+1
Trumpet Catie Darling Mech 0T9+PEY
Alto Saxophone Jesse Fine-Gagné Mech 1T1
Trombone Emily Golem Civ 1T1+PEY
Trumpet Ronnie Hoffer Mech 1T0+PEY
Bass Guitar Kevin Hurley NΨ 0T7
Drums Mark Jeffrey NΨ 0T8+PEY
Clarinet David Lee NΨ 0T7
French Horn Chris Roscoe NΨ 0T6+1
Keyboard David Ruggiero NΨ 0T8+PEY
Guitar Dave Rutt Indy 0T8
Violin Kathryn Tang Mech 1T1
Violin Jonathan Wang NΨ 0T9
Alto Sax Kristin Wild Mech 0T8+PEY

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Floor Manager Emilie Schnarr Min 0T9
Alcove Left Ellen Chan MSE 0T8+PEY
Alcove Right Stefano Gelmi Indy 0T9
Stage Crew Jonathan Asmis NΨ 0T8+PEY
Jenn Eversley Civ 1T0
Franz LaZerte Mech 0T9+PEY
Topaz Chiu NΨ 0T8
Damian Durlik MSE 1T0+PEY
Lighting Michael Szewczyk Civ 0T7
Michael Hawkins Civ 0T8+PEY
Andrew Shorten Comp 0T8+PEY
Sound Christian Chicorli NΨ 0T8+PEY
Ben Cornwell-Mott Mech 0T8+PEY
Sound Effects Nick Loberto Mech 0T7+PEY
David Clease Mech 1T0+PEY

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Videography Wayne Lin Indy 1T1+PEY
Daryl Martix Comp 1T0
Building Crew Marc Dallen
Stefano Gelmi
David Clease
Steven Szeto
Franz LaZerte
Jimmy Lu
Owen Melville
Writers Jordan Silverman
Chris Peressotti
Aaron Hagey-Mackay
Daniel Rubin
Kian Marandi
Dan Marquez
Tim Christie
Jonathan Hoss