Skule Nite 0T5

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Show Order[edit | edit source]

Act One
'On a School Night
Bobo's Last Stand
Happy Children
What's for Dinner?
Meanwhile, in Greenland
Joe Meets Norma
They Drove Me Mad
Home on the Farm
The Adventure Begins
When You Wish Upon a Star
A Fabulous Plan
I Can't Do That, Betty
The Master Builder
I Don't Wanna Work
National Pride
Hello, Terror!
Phone Home
The Crate Escape
Leaving on a Jet Plane
It's Not Easy/Medley/Too Much Excitement
Act Two
Cult Convention
They Will Come for Us
Kicking the Habit
Friendly Alliance
Tea and Terror
Not Without My Monkey
Heartbreak Hotel
Clinical Trial
We Just Wanna Be...
Should I Go?
They've Come for Us!
Fire in the Sky
All Good Things
School Night Heroes

Brains[edit | edit source]

Director Jon Hoss Engsci 0T4 +PEY
Producer Mat Szeto Comp 0T3 + 1
Stage Manager Jon Hollands Mech 0T5 + PEY
Technical Director Paul Anderson Comp 9T9
Master Carpenters Duncan Rowe CIV 0T4
Nathan Schnarr ???
Costumes Awi Barret ???
' Ai-Linn Chua ???
' Charlsie Searle ???
Props Master Matt Lenner Comp 0T0 + SAC
Master Painter Jessica Hunt ???
Choreographer Karen Chang ???

Kathryn Clark ???
  Ian Collins ???

Cast and Band[edit | edit source]

Cast Crystal Colussi Arts 0T6
Janet Davidson

Arts 0T0
Daniel De Angelis Elec 0T5 + 1
Sean Hockin Chem 0T7
Susan Hogle Mech 0T4
Esther Huh Engsci 0T6
Nazim Hussain Engsci 0T5
Laura Koch Elec 0T6
Caleb McCready Human Bio 0T5
Cathy McLeod Comp 0T5 + 1
Andrew Ngo Engsci 0T8
Samuel Orr Chem Enviro 0T5
Chris Peressotti Engsci 0T1 + PEY
Sarah Ranco Chem 0T8
Feraz Shere Chem 0T5 + PEy
Jordan Silverman Mech 0T7
Leona Smith MSE 0T6
Filip Stefanovic Mech 0T5
Padma Tata Chem 0T4
Sam Tirgari Human Bio 0T7
Jessica Warsh Lit 0T2
Sheena Weisman Chem 0T7
Orchestra Musical Director Nicholas Cifelli  
Piano/Clarinet David Lee Engsci 0T7
Tenor Sax Peter Angelo Chem 0T6
Violin Alex Ariza Engsci 0T8
Trumpet Sagen De Jonge

Mech 0T6
Guitar Mike Diez D'Aux Min 0T5
Drums Mark Jeffery Engsci 0T8
Bass Mike Kosowskyj MSE 0T7
Alto Sax/Clarinet Chris Milligan Indy 0T6
Violin Jason Ng Engsci 0T7
Trumpet/French Horn Chris Roscoe Engsci 0T6
Flute Gen Sovereign Chem 0T7
Trombone Andrew Voth Civ 0T4
Alto Sax Kristin Wild Engsci 0T8

Crew and Tech[edit | edit source]

Assistant Stage Manager Kristine Szeto Mech 0T6 + PEY
Alcove Right Jamie Wells Engsci 9T8 + PEY
Alcove Left Robyn Waher Civ 0T7
Lighting Marc Lesperance Elec 0T5
Mike Szewczyk Engsci 0T7
Alexis McBride Arts 0T5
Adam Gravatis Engsci 0T6
Sound Denise Luk Mech 0T7
Christian Chicorli Engsci 0T8
Sound Effects Alex Sues Chem 0T6
Cameron Fraser Engsci 0T7'
Building Crew
Robyn Waher


Carolyn Hicks

Rui Couto
  Ali Istenecko
  Chris Aneleisan
  Mark Robinson
  Jon Hunt
  Peter Suddard
  Roger Mong
  Henry Cheung
  Catherine London