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Skule Dance Club aims at engineers (but open to everybody) that has passion for dance. There are many kinds of dance this club does, from hip-hop to tango; from ballet to bhangra. The club consists of weekly sessions where U of T undergrads selected as teachers for their experience to teach a beginner-level class. The end of the year project creates a campus lip-dub dance featuring all the different styles of dance that our students teach and learn throughout the year.

Confirmed styles and teachers: Waltz and Tango - Samuel Buckstein Bhangra - Anamjit Singh Sivia Ballet - Gloria Wu Hip hop - Martin Leung Salsa - Michael Nguyen Swing - Zachary Fejes KPop - Michaela Tai

Skule Dance Club provides a great starting point for those interested in dance by offering a variety of dance styles. The club creates an environment where everyone is a beginner, and students will always find styles that interest them. Skule Dance Club helps those looking to enjoy dancing, but also benefits those already experienced and would like some experience teaching. The Skule Dance Club is able to both diversify team and create a close-knit club.