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Skule Badminton Club's main purpose is to promote the sport of badminton within the University of Toronto by holding practices, games and tournaments. The club mission is to provide all students within the university an opportunity to play badminton by providing them with our rackets and birdies. In doing so, the club hopes to also encourage a high standard of sportsmanship and leadership among students.

The Skule Badminton club offers benefits to the Skule community including, but not limited to:

1. Promote the game and sport of badminton by holding regular practices and organizing ladder competitions and tournaments.
2. Promote high standards of scholarship, leadership character and to strive for the spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship among the members.
3. Cooperate and interact with other badminton associations, organizations, clubs, and players across Canada.
4. Create an organized environment for playing badminton at both a recreational and competitive level.
5. Offer information on and opportunities for members to participate in tournaments outside of the club.