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The mission of Professional Outreach(PrO) Director was to inspire engineering students to actively participate in key decision makings that are affecting the society. The directorship aimed to do this by organizing events such as Policy Hives, shadowing days, case competitions, and debates throughout the year.

History[edit | edit source]

In the year of 1T4-1T5, Engineering Society felt there was a need to educate engineering students about policy-making, and its intersection with engineering. The unique set of skills that engineers possess make them a crucial part of the political decision-making process, on issues like environmental conservation and national defense. Thus, to meet the growing demand for engineers in policymaking, the Engineering Society established the directorship of Professional Outreach.

At the 1T8 June Board Meeting, the PrO directorship was dissolved. All important responsibilities were taken up by the President of the Society.

Past Directors[edit | edit source]

Year Name
2017-2018 Matthew Zhang EngScI 2T0
2017-2018 Anike Morrison 1T9+1
2016-2015 Medhaj Athilkar Mech 1T8+PEY