Multidisciplinary Analytical Kinesthetic Education

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Multidisciplinary Analytical Kinesthetic Education (MAKE) is a club dedicated to first year students. From the perspective of upper year students, many feels that the first year curriculum is too theoretical and found it difficult to see direct applications of what we have learned. A similar concern is also reflected by a survey conducted on the 1T6 students by the First Year Office. Therefore the goal of MAKE is to expose first year students to various real world engineering applications, so that they will have a better understanding of the practical aspect of different disciplines.

MAKE provides students an opportunity to draw connections between academic curriculum and real world applications. Through events and workshops hosted by MAKE, students will learn/review concepts that are part of the first year curriculum as well as construct a working prototype that applies the theory covered. With several events each covering an engineering discipline throughout the year, our club exposes students to practical aspects of different engineering disciplines. In addition, a great percentage of students transfer to a different discipline after first year and MAKE can provide another perspective on each discipline and assist first year students in making their decisions.