Godiva's Resurrection

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Reading of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus at Godiva's Resurrection

Godiva's Resurrection is the official kick-off to Godiva Week. The event begins with the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad 'krashing' the Atrium. During this time, the coffin holding the spirit of Lady Godiva is brought in, where it rests until the end of Godiva Week. A distinguished professor then performs a reading of The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus from our most revered text of lore, the Book of Calculus. All in attendence remain silent for this, in honour the memory of Lady Godiva. Upon completion of the reading, a firing of Ye Olde Mighty Skule™ Cannon signals the end of the resurrection, and the beginning of Godiva Week.

In the past, both the Dean and Vice-Dean of Engineering have performed the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.