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Galbraith Society began as an academic society formed by passionate engineering undergraduates. Since 2012, the Galbraith Society has been focused on improving the academic experience for student engineers of all disciplines. Carrying on its original tradition, the group provides opportunities for students to gain exposure to their fields of interest and network with other highly motivated students through workshops, mentorship programs, and events that appeal to their passion for engineering and research.

This Galbraith Society allows students to further their academic and professional development beyond what is normally gained in the classroom. Our group presents this to the Skule community by: 1) Providing unique academic and technical advancement opportunities for students to work with members of the University of Toronto academia through our Faculty Mentorship program 2) Providing a forum to display academic work through our Undergraduate Journal 3)Promoting the importance of innovation and integrative thinking through our series of events from Symposia to Skills Workshops