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The Branding Policy was a project initiated under the VP Communications and was a part of the Logo Redesign initiative in February 2012. There has not yet been a formal Policy submission for this project, and is thus not listed.

Motivation[edit | edit source]

At the time of inception during the 2011-2012 year, the motivation behind the Branding Policy project included:

  1. Improving visibility to Engineering Society services
  2. Increase constructive feedback from the student body
  3. Provide consistent and distinguishable logo

A major part of the new strategy includes the new logo: EngSocLogo final new.png

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Branding Policy project addressed 2 main areas of concern:

  1. Unifying Engineering Society services through a common marketing strategy
  2. usage of the University of Toronto Engineering Society logo

It is expected to be used by Council members representing Engineering Society events, and may be adopted by affiliated & ex-officio members. The Branding Policy essentially provided 5 main guidelines:

  • All posters/banners created should include "presented by the Engineering Society" after the event name/service, and the placement of the logo in the bottom left corner
  • All Facebook events or other social media advertisements should include "presented by the Engineering Society" after the event name/service
  • All announcements about events or services should mention that it is "presented by the Engineering Society"
  • The inclusion of the logo on any webpage
  • Replace all usage of the old Eng Soc logo or Eng Soc crest with the new logo