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Gradball is the annual formal held by the Engineering Society. It is traditionally held during the winter term the weekend following the Ceremony of the Iron Ring. It is a celebration of Skule™ spirit and the current year's graduating class, though students from all years are encouraged to attend. The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad (LGMB) and the Skule™ Cannon both make appearances at Gradball. At Gradball, the Joonyur Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Miner officially take the reins of the LGMB, becoming the Bnad Leedur and D(r)umb Majur(k) respectively. In addition, the Chief Attiliator, the custodian of the Skule™ Cannon for the past year, is revealed to the students at this event.

Past Gradball Venues[edit | edit source]

Prior to 2004, Gradball was run by the Fourth Year Chair.

Year Chair Venue
2023-2024 Kayla Carnide Civ 2T3+PEY
2022-2023 Harrison Chan Mech 2T2+PEY  
2021-2022 Lisa Li ? The Vue
2020-2021 Parin Joshi Mech 2T3 Online
2019-2020 Kevin Zhang   The Vue**
2018-2019 Kimberly Lai ? Parkview Manor
2017-2018 Christopher Rotella Civ 1T9+PEY Liberty Grand
2016-2017 Adriana Karababas Chem 1T7+PEY Claireport Place Banquet & Convention Centre
2015-2016 Deniz Jafari NΨ 1T5 The Liberty Grand
2014-2015 Samantha Chow NΨ 1T4+PEY The Liberty Grand
2013-2014 Nicole D'Mello Civ 1T4+PEY The Liberty Grand
2012-2013 Nicole Cyhelka Chem 1T3 Old Mill Inn & Spa
2011-2012 Kelly Bryck Chem 1T1+PEY Marriott Eaton Centre
2010-2011 Celine Ko*/Wacy Su Elec 1T1+PEY/Chem 1T1+PEY Hilton Toronto
2009-2010 Cyrene Wu Civ 1T0+PEY Westin Harbourfront Castle
2008-2009 Charlsie Searle Civ 0T8+1+PEY Fairmont Royal York
2007-2008 Nini Chen ? Old Mill Inn
2006-2007 Harim Kim MSE 0T7 Marriott Eaton Center
2005-2006 Kharthick Kathiresan Elec 0T5+PEY Old Mill Inn
2004-2005 Krystal Godri Chem 0T5 Liberty Grand
2003-2004 Krystle Connerty Chem 0T4 Sheraton Centre
2002-2003 Amy Brans/Patricia Ricci ? Liberty Grand
2001-2002 Magdalena Wierus/Kirsten Koehl ENGSCI0T2/IND 0T2 Delta Chelsea
2000-2001 Francisca Orgundele ? ?
1999-2000 Alanna Aqui/Heba Chehade Chem 9T9 + PEY Marriott Eaton Centre
1998-1999 Paul Andersen ? Marriott Eaton Centre
1997-1998 Karen Barbara ? ?
1996-1997 Tanya Lindsay Chem 9T6+PEY ?
1995-1996 Margaret Vivona & Mary Ann Milazzo Indy 9T6 Marriot Hotel
1994-1995 Sara Volo & Walter Stoddard Indy 9T5 & NSci 9T5 Marriot Hotel
1993-1994 Inga J. Hipsz Mech 9T4 Royal York Hotel
1992-1993 Elizabeth Chong Chem 9T3 Royal York Hotel
1991-1992 Kathy Zalewski ? Royal York Hotel
1990-1991 Lee Anne Jones ? Holiday Inn
1989-1990 Donna Cieszynska ? Royal York Hotel
1988-1989 Grant McCracken ? Sheraton Centre
1987-1988 Sid Gopinath & Debbie Yanchula ? ?
1986-1987 Daniela Duriavig Chem 8T7 Royal York
1985-1986 Tony Kasper ? ?
1984-1985 Kevin Foody ? ?
1983-1984 Deborah Fletcher ? ?
1982-1983 Margaret Bawden ? ?
1981-1982 Alan Lechem ? ?
1980-1981 Brian Baetz Civ 8T1 ?
1979-1980 Arun Channan Civ 8T0 Hotel Toronto
1978-1979 Tim Taylor Civ 7T9 Royal York
1960-1961 John Cowan Industrial 6T1 Royal York Canadian Room

* Resigned ** Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.