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The objective of Women in Science and Engineering is to promote awareness of, and to create a sense of community for women pursuing careers in Science and Engineering. WISE U of T is committed to creating and participating in events that promote educational and social values in harmony with those of the University. We will work towards creating networks of female students, faculty and professionals, both within the University and across Canada, which will act as support groups and as a valuable resource of skills and knowledge for our members. WISE U of T is a non-profit organization which promotes women in science and engineering as well as simultaneously helping to eliminate discrimination.To develop women's leadership skills, confidence, and involvement in research and technology, WISE focuses on building a supportive community of men and women through a number of initiatives; Our Community Outreach initiative allows us to expand our club outreach into the community at large, through volunteer based events. Our Professional Development initiative hosts two major networking events during the year with top companies in Entrepreneurship, Sales, Software and IT, Engineering, Medical Affairs, Technology Consulting, Science Consulting, and Pharmaceuticals. To encourage high school students to pursue science and engineering at the university level, our High School Outreach initiative visits high schools across the GTA to educate girls about the exciting opportunities they have in post-secondary school. To create a network for women across Canada, WISE hosts an Annual National Conference in the spring where delegates hear from high-level speakers, participate in diverse workshops, and have the chance to compete in world class competitions. Our WISE Blog creates a forum for sharing experiences and an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Women in Science and Engineering impacts the student experience within the Skule community in a number of ways. Firstly, through our High School Outreach program, we offer Skule students an opportunity to share their experiences and passions with younger students. We feel that having the opportunity to reflect on your university journey thus far, and share advice with high school students is something unique and valuable to both the mentor and the mentee. Through our High School Outreach initiative, we hope to offer students a chance to practice their public speaking skills, learn more about the types of options available to them as engineering and science students, and allow them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Secondly, through our Community Outreach initiative, we hope to offer Skule students an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and help improve the lives of those around them living in the community at large. By offering a wide range of events, we hope to allow Skule students to try something new and discover something they are passionate about. We know how hectic being a student can be, and this initiative’s goal is to help students step back from their busy schedules and remain grounded. Thirdly, our Professional Development initiative is centered on helping Skule students learn about the intricacies of networking, resume building, and interviewing in order to land their dream job. We know Skule students are on the hunt for summer jobs, internships, or co-op positions, and we hope that through our skill-building sessions and networking events we can help make the experience of entering into the professional world enjoyable. Lastly, our Annual National Conference is hosted once a year and takes place over the course of a weekend. During the weekend, we offer Skule students the chance to come hear from amazing keynotes, learn in a variety of workshops, chat with professionals in our fireside chats, and compete in two case competitions. We hope that this conference gives students an opportunity to make new connections and strengthen their support system.