Waterworks (1904)

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On March 17, 1904 the entire student body of Skule™ was required to embark on a rescue of a few of its innocent second year comrades, who had been waylaid in UC and were allegedly "being subjected to indignity". An honest historian might be required to state that these "innocent" were accused of having utilized green ink to decorate the noses and ears of a few of their Arts companions. However, and evidence required to support this supposition was likely destroyed in the ensuing fray.

Water was reported to have flowed six inches deep out of the main door of UC! The certainty of this account cannot be verified at present, but it is reported that fines were eventually paid for the disappearance of four fires hoses. Those of you intimately acquainted with fluid mechanics and dynamics may be able to verify the likelihood of this statistic relating to the watery discharge.

Written by Nicole Cyhelka, Archivist 1T1-1T2 for the "Ye Olde Skule Story Book"