University of Toronto Space Design Contest

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UTSDC is an annual design contest organized by engineering students since 2004. UTSDC’s motive is to facilitate a professional, innovative, and divergent thinking environment for students to learn, develop, and further improve their ideas. This is done through workshops held throughout the year, ending with a final design conference. The club also looks to promote the design ideals and the creative culture fostered at the university though keynote seminars given by pioneers in the field of design and innovation. The club has gained its popularity in high schools all over Canada and overseas as far as India and China.

Events hosted by UTSDC provide engineering undergraduate students and high school students, especially those interested in aerospace engineering, with opportunities to engage with industry. We advertise and open our seminars and workshops to the entire Skule community as an opportunity to engage with professors and the industry. UTSDC is a platform that enables students to improve their talents while developing their leadership qualities through fully organizing a design contest.