University of Toronto Engineering Toastmasters

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At UTET, members hone their public speaking and leadership skills in a positive conducive environment. In a meeting, two to five members will give a prepared speech, which is then evaluated orally and in writing by a fellow member. The evaluations would provide positive feedback and constructive criticism to help members to advance further. Our club also conducts Table Topics sessions for members and guests to participate in impromptu speeches and debates. Overall, UTET provides a positive, supportive and fun environment for members to have cross-disciplinary social interactions and to hone their soft skills simultaneously. Along with additional social events, our club is an excellent medium to establish a sense of community in the Engineering Faculty and on campus.

While our club does not aid the development of technical skills directly, soft skills such as leadership and public speaking prove to be an asset for all engineers. Engineers tend to overlook these sorts of skills while developing technical abilities. As such, UTET provides members with the opportunity to practice and sharpen their public speaking and leadership skills under the guidance of the internationally-recognized Toastmasters educational program. The educational program allows members to hone oratory skills by giving prepared speeches in meetings, while offering projects that focus on advancing different aspects of leadership. Members will obtain recognition upon completion of the program.