University of Toronto Emergency First Responders

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UTEFR's mission is to instill confidence in first aid treatment, to make first aid training readily available to the University of Toronto St George Campus student body, and to provide quality pre-hospital first aid treatment on campus.

UTEFR offers both educational and response services. It provides affordable first aid courses for students to learn first aid skills and become certified to administer those skills. It also organises regular workshops for students to practise their skills. Most recently, UTEFR gave informal first aid training to the organisers of the Girls Leadership in Engineering Experience (GLEE).

UTEFR's emergency response services are offered in the form of event coverage to groups hosting high-risk or high-volume activities. The benefit to the Skule community here is two fold – students on the response team gain real experience providing first-aid treatment, and the participants at events receive quality pre-hospital treatment.