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The U of T MCI provides opportunities for Engineering students and students from other faculties to perform, practice, and form bands based on their preferred musical genre. We welcome students who play a variety of different musical genres, from rock, to pop, to funk, to musical theatre, to metal.

We do so by providing resources to students to share their music, and create a community of student musicians. Club bands will have access to our musical equipment and a practice space at our club's allotted times in a shared on-campus practice room. The U of T MCI Facebook page allows students to share their original recordings or favourite songs with each other, and to connect and communicate with others who want to play music with them. We currently hold a growing database of all musicians across all 3 campuses. We host an introduction session for students meeting other members, and we host several performances, jam sessions, and concerts. Also, when there are other musical performance opportunities available that we have heard about, we alert members through this page for chances to perform or simply attend.

Our motivation for upholding the club and organizing events is the widespread enthusiasm and diversity for music that so many Engineering students and students from other faculties wish to express but face many technical, administrative and financial difficulties which discourage them from doing so. We want to offer outlets for them to express their musical interests, and we are excited to continue to build our musical community.