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Skule Patrol is the subcommittee and group of volunteers that are responsible for the safety of the F!rosh during F!rosh Week. They are identifiable by their bright red shirts, and first aid kits they carry with them. These volunteers are present at every Engineering-run F!rosh event, including Hart House Farm and are also part of every F!rosh Group.

The official motto or hashtag of Skule Patrol is #BringTheSafetyBeTheSafety

Past Skule Patrol Subcommittee Chair(s)[edit | edit source]

Year Chair/Co-Chair Chair/Co-Chair
1T9 Khadija Rana Kimberley Lau
1T8 Erin Chau Michael De Biasio
1T7 Katie Allison Dan Yan
1T6 Dan Yan Joseph Choy
1T5 Savannah Sarosiak-Larter Patrick Howell
1T4 Mike Xue  
1T3 Amanda Aleong  
1T2 Andy Chen