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Professional Experience Year[edit | edit source]

The Professional Experience Year, otherwise known as PEY, is an optional co-op program in which current undergraduate students can undertake a 12 to 16 month work term after their 2nd or 3rd year of their education. For the duration of this period, students are working as full-time employees and earning salaries, while gaining valuable experience in the field. While working, students are able to retain full-time student status at the university, and can apply to retain interest-free status on student loans if they have any. The Engineering Career Centre manages the program and is the point of contact between students/employers and the university.

Engineering Students[edit | edit source]

Many engineers choose to go on PEY for the salary and the experience that they gain; however, they are not considered active students during that year. As such, they must have their graduating year pushed forward according to the length of their work term. Students on PEY can add '+ PEY' to the end of their discipline and year; this is a widespread practice to signify which students will graduate a year late.

Many local and international companies offer jobs to UofT students for PEY. Well-known brands include Apple, Tesla, Proctor & Gamble, IBM, BMW, Shell, and Microsoft.