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Graduating Class Pranks are a tradition of engineering that dates back many decades. Graduating classes have been known to erect monuments or engineering showpieces to demonstrate their class spirit and superiority.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, grad pranks became ever more popular, with classes determined to out-do each other with 'permanent' structures rather than ones that were easily removed. However, some pranks were forcibly removed by the University, and billed to the Engineering Society. Eventually, these permanent pranks were discouraged and banned in practice by the Engineering Society, which passed a policy which withheld discipline club funding until discipline grad pranks were fully removed.

Some grad pranks are still visible today, such as EngSci's concrete Iron Ring around a pillar in the Atrium, and Civ's red letters on top of the main doors of the Sandford Fleming Building.

List of Grad Pranks[edit | edit source]

Graduating Class Discipline Prank
1T4+PEY Mech The Mech-Xibition
1T3/1T2+PEY Mech Giant Functional Fire Alarm
1T1/1T0+PEY Chem Non-Newtonian Fluid Trough
Civ Bridge across the Pit
Mech Marble Track/Beer Bong from 3F to the Pit
1T0/0T9+PEY Chem Test Tubes and Molecules
Civ CN Tower Model
Indy Box of Fries
0T9/0T8+PEY Chem 'Volcano' Chemical Reaction
Civ CIV Monopoly
Giant 'Labyrinth' Game
0T8/0T7+PEY Chem Giant Erlenmeyer Flask
Civ 1F Hallway Road Conversion
Bridge over the Pit
Mech Foam Gear around the BFC Pillar
0T6/0T5+PEY ECE Shower in the Pit
0T5/0T4+PEY Saturn V rocket in the Bahen Atrium
0T2/0T1+PEY Civ 'CIV 0T2' above SF Entrance
9T9/9T8+PEY Concrete Iron Ring on Finger Pillar