Fork in the Stone at York (2012)

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Members of the BFC at York University posing in front of the Fork in the Stone, 2012

The Fork in the Stone at York was a prank involving the installation of an approximately 4' long fork in a concrete base at York University in 2012. Following similar pranks involving Swords in the Stone at McMaster in 2011 and Waterloo in 2012, it was decided that York University would also deserve a present. Since York engineers did not have a mascot, Skule™ engineers decided that a fork would be fitting (derived from the chant "If you can hold a fork, you can go to York").

A large aluminum fork measuring 46.5" was purchased and installed into a large hollow concrete base. The entire structure was then transported to the engineering building at York University and placed at the front terrace. The construction of the concrete base was designed to allow York engineers to remove the fork from the concrete, thus providing York with a proper mascot befitting their name and stature. Unfortunately, the York students did not properly extract the fork. One student attempted to free the fork by pulling it sideways from the base. Due to his efforts, the fork was broken in half at the handle, and York was once again left without a mascot.